Hangzhou Silk

Hangzhou silk has enjoyed a high reputation in the whole country for thousands of years. The excellent skills of those artists and the attractive appearances of those silk productions can be highlights of this city.

It gains a good reputation of “the sky rosy clouds, the flower on the ground". The pattern of Hangzhou silk productions is derived from the nature and daily life, the flowers, pavilions, terraces and open halls, small bridge flowing water in four seasons, everyone presents the skillful distinct Chinese characteristics, and the silks and satins texture is good, soft but not tired.
Hangzhou Silk
Hangzhou Silk

Suzhou's embroidery is the best in China, and Hangzhou is known for producing excellent silks and satins. In Hangzhou, the variety of silks available seems endless. Hangzhou satin is famous and one of the area's most successful export products. The layered weaving process is very labor intensive and produces fabulously luxurious fabric that feels great next on the skin.

Famous Silk Brands in Hangzhou

Da Li FA (达利发)

Da Li Fa is a famous brand for silk products in Hangzhou. It has been recognized as the best brand of Chinese silk industry by world brand lab (WBL), also selected as "one of top ten most popular influence brands in textile garment industry" by textile media. It is created since 1993. So you want to buy silk products in great quality, you go to some special stores. But the price is usually high.

Wensli (万事利)

Wensli is the first well-known trademark in domestic textile garment industry. In 2001, under the requirement of the state economic and trade commission, Wensli group co., LTD was responsible for design and production of 300 sets of men and women silk night-robes for those political leaders and wealthy tycoons at home and abroad who attended the APEC meeting in Shanghai. They awarded high marks.
Si Chou Ren Jia (丝绸人家)

The brand Si Chou Ren Jia was created since 1988. The company is located by the beautiful West Lake. Main products of it include: digital scarf, hand-painted and other kinds of scarves, silk, silk cotton, all kinds of men's and women's silk pajamas, bathrobe, fashion clothing and other series of silk products.

Other famous silk company brands includes Yan Xia Chou Yi (烟霞绸艺), Dou Jian Sheng (都锦生), Tian Tang Gu Shi (天堂故事), HSDP (喜得宝), Yong Le Fang (永乐坊), etc.