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Shopping Areas in Luoyang

Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street

Nanchang Road Business District

Add: Nanchang Road, Jian Xi District Luoyang
Where to buy: Wanda Plaza, Dennis Department Store
Nanchang Road Business District in recent years has gradually upgraded to a busy section of Luoyang along with Wanda plaza and combined with the original "Dennis" business circle. Now with Mien Prosperous in the intersection of Jiudu road and Nanchang road, open shopping park in the intersection of Nanchang road with Lichun road, and other commercial projects, Nanchang road forms a business circle in the integration of fashion, shopping, leisure, entertainment, food, its influence will also gradually improve.

Central Department Store Business Circle

Add: Zhongzhou Middle Road, Luoyang
Where to buy: Central Department Store
As Luoyang old business circle, many consumers like to go to the Central Department Store Business Circle. Here gather the department store building (now the central department store), trade and industry (now Timeson One Hundred), small street, Xiaotian Film Cinema (now Dazhang Clothing square), Spin Palace building (now Wenzhou hotel) and so many batches of famous shops, which integrating the prosperity and humanistic feelings. Central Department Store Business Circle is also continuous constructs and develops.

Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street

Add: Jinghua Road, Jian Xi District Luoyang
What to buy: fashionable clothes
Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street 
Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street is very famous for purchasing something when you tour in Luoyang. The pedestrian street provides a comfortable environment for shopping as well as spending leisure time.
Shanghai Market Pedestrian Street is actually a 416 meter long pedestrian street started from Jinghua Road to Xiyuan Road. There are over 500 small stores in this street. In the center or the street, a beautiful music fountain will attract you. You can find a lot of stuff are sold there, such as shoes, clothes, sports, dvds(some very cheap), what’s more, electronic devices, mobiles, clothes, accessories, packages and many other things can be bought in this street.

Overseas Chinese Friendship Store

Add: Qi Li He Area, west Zhong Zhou Road
What to buy: Foreign tobacco, imported foods, exquisite gift
Overseas Chinese Friendship Store is another recommended commercial center for you to do shopping in this city. With various goods sold here, you may find Luoyang has developed rapidly and gradually became a city more appropriate as a destination in your China tour.
It is large-sized state-owned enterprise foreign tobacco, imported foods, exquisite gift, daily-use cosmetics, brand clothing, shoes and hats, fur products, calligraphy products and painting and so on can be bought here.

Luoyang Wangfujing Department Store-New Metropolis Circle

Add: No.429, middle Zhong Zhou Road Luoyang
What to buy: commodities, electrics
 Luoyang Wangfujing Department Store-New Metropolis Circle
Luoyang Wangfujing department store is located in Luoyang golden area which is the center of shopping, dining, entertainment. Walking in this store, you can get touch with the fashionable Luoyang and know the daily life of the locals.
Within two miles, there are many financial institutions and administrative organs, high-grade entertainment places. You can not only do shopping here, but also spend a whole day for leisure feeling.
There are more than 100 stores in Wangfujing shopping mall, Most of stores are well decorated and luxury. The mall has multiple levels and has one big department store part of it. KFC and McDonald is a part of it. The whole store has also nice decorations. 

Shopping in Luoyang

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