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Panda Zoos in Europe and Oceania

Every country in the world chooses an animal as a national treasure. The national treasure is one of the national symbols and is also part of the nationalist ideology. The giant panda is China's national treasure, a unique species of China, but the giant pandas does not accept the definition of state or national boundaries that made by human beings. And this is the reason why the giant panda protection association protect giant pandas across border in regions with important ecological significance. Only in this way, our next generation can have the chance to see the lovely pandas as we do.

Let's take a look at zoos that have giant pandas in Europe and Oceania.

panda zoo in europe and oceania

Panda Zoos in Europe

Panda Zoo in Vienna, Austria -- the Schoenbrunn Zoo

panda  in vienna

Zoo introduction:The Schoenbrunn Zoo, also called Vienna Zoo, is located in the famous Schönbrunn Palace in in Vienna, Austria. It is originally a royal animal exhibition hall with a long history and is the oldest zoo in the world.

Panda introduction: The pandas were introduced to the zoo in 2003. Their names are Yang Yang and Long Hui.
Giant Panda -- Yang Yang:male, born on August 10, 2000. Father, Da Di & mother, Ying Ying.
Giant Panda – Long Hui:female, born on September 26, 2000 and died on December 10, 2016.

The pandas Yang Yang and Long Hui gave birth to five pandas through natural mating at the Vienna zoo. They are Fu Long who born on August 23, 2007, Fu Hu who born on August 23, 2010 and Fu Bao who born on August 14, 2013. All three pandas are now living in China. In addition, Yang Yang's newborn twins Fu Feng and Fu Bang were born on August 7, 2016 and the two panda cubs are in good health. According to the loan agreement, giant pandas born overseas will belong to China and return to domestic life after the age of 2.

Panda Zoo in the UK – the Edinburgh Zoo

panda in the uk

Zoo introduction:The Edinburgh Zoo is a non-profit zoo in Edinburgh, Scotland, officially known as the Scottish National Zoo. The zoo was founded in 1913 and located in the Costofina Mountains. The Edinburgh Zoo receives more than 600,000 visitors per year, and is Scotland's second most popular paid spot after Edinburgh castle. 

Panda introduction: Giant Panda Tian Tian was born in Beijing zoo on August 24, 2003 and arrived at The Edinburgh Zoo with his male companion Yang Guang at the end of December 2011. With the arrival of the giant panda, the zoo's annual income rose by 51 percent to about 15 million pounds from 5 million pounds in 2012. Tian Tian was even voted British woman of the year in December 2011. She has been pregnant five times in the UK, but unfortunately, all failed. Although Tian Tian hasn’t given birth to any baby panda in the UK, the British people sincerely wish the old panda mother to be pregnant and deliver smoothly!

Panda Zoo in Belgium -- the PairiDaiza

panda in belgium

Zoo introduction:The Belgian paradise zoo, also known as the PairiDaiza, is known as "the most beautiful botanical garden in Belgium". Covering an area of 55 hectares, China garden occupies 45,000 square meters and is the largest Chinese garden in Europe. There are more than 5,000 animals in the zoo. 

Panda introduction:

Giant panda -- Xing Hui: male, born on July 22,2009. Father, Lu Lu & mother, Na Na.

Giant panda – Hao Hao: female, born July 7,2009. Father, Ling Ling. Her mother, Hua Mei is the first giant panda born abroad and returned to China.

On February 23, 2014, the Chinese giant panda Xing Hui and Hao Hao arrived in Belgium. Belgium's prime minister and Chinese ambassador to Belgium greeted the giant pandas at the airport.
At 8:02 am on June 2, 2016, the giant panda Hao Hao gave birth to a cub at the paradise zoo in Belgium.

Panda Zoo in Netherlands – the Ouwehands Dierenpark

panda in netherlands

Zoo introduction:The Ouwehands Dierenpark in Netherlands whose main building is in traditional Chinese palace style has a panda exhibition hall with a total area of 9000 square meters. All of the buildings were built by Chinese workers using traditional technology and are called "the most luxurious panda house in history".
At present, the project has entered into the completion stage. In the future, it will be the residence of Chinese giant panda Wu Wen and Xing Ya in the Netherlands.

Panda introduction: The Netherlands has been working hard for 15 years, through three prime ministers, to get the Chinese giant panda. In 2015, when king William Alexander of the Netherlands visited China, the Chinese side finally agreed to loan the giant pandas Wu Wen and Xing Ya to the Netherlands for scientific research cooperation. The two giant pandas are believed to live in the Netherlands for up to 15 years.

Panda Zoos in Oceania

Panda Zoo in Australia -- the Adelaide Zoo

panda in australia

Zoo introduction:The Adelaide Zoo operated on a non-profit basis is Australia's second oldest zoo (after Melbourne Zoo). It is located in the parklands just north of the city centre of Adelaide, South Australia. 
The zoo houses about 1,800 species of mammals, reptiles and birds. There is a zoo for children and a southeast Asian rainforest exhibition center. 

Panda introduction:
Giant panda – Wang Wang: male, born on August 31, 2005. Father, Mao Mao & mother, Ling Ling.  
Giant panda – Fu Ni: female, August 23, 2006. Father, Lu Lu & mother Long Xin.

Arrived in Australia on November 27, 2009, they are the first pair of giant pandas in the southern hemisphere and will live in Australia for 10 years.