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Nanji Island


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Nanji Island, also named seamounts. Nanji Island is the first of five oceans type national nature reserves in the approval of the state council. It is located in Pingyang county,Zhejiang province, the Aojiang river estuary of east sea surface for 30 miles, 50 miles away from downtown. Nanji Island’s distribution is effected by erosion of the waves and tides, bedrock exposed, and formed a steep cliffs. Many islands shorelines are twists and turns, and there are many headlNanji Islandands and bays. Morphology mainly is marine erosion physiognomy, the marine accumulation geomorphic features is less developed.

Pingyang county Nanji Island ocean investment co., LTD., founded in 1995, the beginning of the development of tourism organically, the scenery tourism resources development, all-round successively built breakwater, huandao road, purchase 70 luxurious yacht a ship, and the construction of the Russian type wooden and bamboo mountain villa, the seaside promenade featuring resorts.They pursue underwater diving, underwater wedding, island adventure, probe the bonfire, beach volleyball, bleaching pile of sand, the waves, rich and colorful new projects such as panels, attract tourists at home and abroad.
♦ Tips
► Best time to go
Nanji Island is an island, therefore summer is the tourist season. May to September is the best time to travel there.If you come in November, the sea breeze blows on the island, which is not suitable for the tourists to play water in the sea, and the seafood is not in season.

► Opening time on the beach
Beaches open in 9:00-18:00, which means the swimming time, other time swimming is not allowed, so the rest of the time you can play with sand on the seashore, here has the unique shell sand.
► Attentions
1. If your taste is heavy, had better bring some favorite food, buying food in the island is quite inconvenient, and does not necessarily have what you want. Also you can bring some fruit, basically besides watermelon on the island, there is no other fruit.
2. Best bring your own personal toilet requisites; the island’s accommodation is poorer, and more humble.
3. Antidiarrheal, allergy medication, anti-mosquito repel and seasick pills.

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