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Mt. Qingxiu


No.19 Qingshan Road, Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region.

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Best scenic spot in Nanning.

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  • 7:00a.m.~6:00p.m.
Mt. Qingxiu (Chinese name: 青秀山) is the symbol of Nanning. The fresh air and picturesque scenery make Mt. Qingxiu become a necessary attraction to travel. Ranges along the north bank of Yongjiang River, the mother river of Nanning, Mt, Qingxiu scenic spot takes a total area of 4.07 square kilometers (about 1.6 square miles).
Looking magnificent yet elegant, the mountain is covered in green. Mt. Qingxiu is reputed as the "Green Lungs" of the city of Nanning. Here, people can appreciate all sorts of tall and broad-leave arbors, epiphytes and liana as well as some other tropical plants. Mt. Qingxiu provides the people living in the city with a tranquil, leisure and relaxing environment to take a break.

Mt. Qingxiu was originally named Qingshan. At the waist of the slope are the two large manmade lakes, the Heavenly Lake and the Yaochi, setting off the green trees all over the mountain. With a shimmering surface the Heavenly Lake and the reflections in the water intermingle into a pretty scene. Built on the islet of the lake are the two kiosks, being the ideal place for travelers to make repose. The two lakes together with trees all over have turned the mountain into a large air-purifier, a "large lungs" supplying the Nanning City with fresh air. On the top of the mount stands a pagoda, Longxiang Tower, which is the symbol of the mountain. The tower was built during the Ming Dynasty and restored in 1986.


The Mt.Qingxiu scenic area constructed in Sui and Tang dynasties, it was flourishing in Ming dynasty and coming down in the late Qing dynasty. In that time sightseeing area is eleven thousand eight hundred mu, and there are eights major sights in Mt.Qingxiu. Due to lack of repair in long time, eight sights have deserted, forgotten by the people. After the liberation, the people's government attaches importance to the construction of Mt.Qingxiu scenic spot, in 1986, the Nanning municipal people's government began funding for reconstruction of Mt.Qingxiu scenic area. After constantly constructing and finishing, Mt.Qingxiu become a venue of tour locations, and it is must visit place when domestic and foreign visitors to Nanning.


Mt.Qingxiu scenic area is located in Nanning city of about 9 km southeast of the Yongjiang River, with a tall pagoda on the top of the Qingxiu peak, this is known as "Nanning giant lung". Qingxiu mountain scenic area consists of the green mountains, phoenix valley and other 18 ridges, with a total area of 4.07 square kilometers, of which the water surface area of 14667 square meters, green area of 25000 square meters, the main peak 289 meters above sea level.


【Qingxiu Mountain Peach Blossom Festival】
Activity time: every spring
Content: Qingxiu Mountain Peach Blossom Festival is Nanning the largest scale, the most influent and the oldest winter jasmine flower theme events festival in Nanning. It has been successfully held 12 events, has become the preferred site for a spring outing for Nanning citizens and it is the brand of Mt.Qingxiu tourism. Every year there are groups of tourists going to Nanning city and the surrounding mountain to enjoy the spring flowers blooming season. And each year during the peach blossom there are lots of visitors visit to Mt.Qingxiu for more than three hundred thousand people.

【Qingxiu Mountain Spring Festival Temple Fair】
Activity time: every spring
Content: Every year, Mt.Qingxiu will hold a spring festival Temple Fair in large scale. In temple fair, it shows the cultural customs of auspiciousness, shows the history of the Chinese nation culture. The folk stunt show in Temple fair will open your eyes, all kinds of snacks will up your appetite and truly feel the spring festival atmosphere!

Best Time to Go

From January to April, October to December is the best time. Nanning is subtropical climate, therefore in autumn and winter is warm and comfortable. And in the spring time can see peach blossom. Summer is pretty hot, so tourists have better travel less in case of sunstroke.

How to Get to Mt.Qingxiu

【By bus】
Taking bus No.10, 32, 33, 34, 62, 70, 71, 94, 601 to Mt.Qingxiu Gate or get off at the Qingshan Stop, Qingshan Yinghua Crossroad stop and then transfer to special line in the Mt.Qingxiu Scenic Spot.

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