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Mogan Mountain Scenic Area


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Mogan Mountain Scenic Area, located in Deqing county, Zhejiang province, belongs to parts of Tianmu Mountain, and is famous for its clear, green, ice, and quiet environment, where known as “cool and refreshing world”.

Mogan MountainMogan Mountain, 60 km from Hangzhou, in the northeast of Shanghai for 200 miles, temperature is lower than Shanghai, Hangzhou. In the center of the mountain scenic area, including Ta hill, Zhonghua Mountain, Jinjia Mountain, Wuji Mountain, and so on, the vegetation coverage rate is as high as 92%, forested and the grass filled with passageway, everywhere is bamboo, flowing waterfall is ubiquitous, and even tall and straight towering Japan fir and the Song dynasty ginkgo, where are delightful and serene seclusion. Climbing to Huashan Mountain can enjoy the sunrise and sea of clouds. More than 20 scenery spots were scatteredly built on the Mogan Lake, Tianquan Mountain and other attractions. These architectural sketch always make the person have a feeling of “cool breeze is oncoming, sweltering summer weather is going to disappear”. Mogan Mountain scenery is enchanting with numerous attractions, there is beautiful Reed Catkins Park, peaceful Wuling village, resonant Sword waterfall pool, historical Baiyun mountain pavilion, and Tianchi Temple, Mogan Lake of hundreds of fascinating attractions, which make people linger.
♦ Environment
Mogan Mountain is famous for “Three Top” of bamboo, cloud, and spring and “Four Best” of pure, quiet, green, cool in China. “Bamboo”, is the first of Mogan Mountain “Three Top” for its variety, high grade, and the coverage is listed in the first place in the country. Going into the mountain, you may see bamboo hills spread over the mountain, everywhere is green shade, when the wind blowing the trees are dancing, this scene is just like staying in the green screen. Scenic area and peripheral area have bamboo forest continue for127 square kilometers. Mogan Mountain unique two kinds of precious bamboo are attracting countless tourists with its unique decorative pattern. “Cloud” of “Three Top” is also distinctive, because in different time it changes irregularly. “Spring” of “Three Top” is also unique, waterfalls and springs up to hundred. “Green” is one of the “Four Best”, green trees, green bamboo, green grass, green mountains, such as the sea of green, everywhere is green. The whole green coverage ratio is 92%.”Clear” is also an advantage of Mogan Mountain. If walking in the bamboo forest or take a break in the tree shade, or look at scenery, or sitting on the villa at night, everywhere is pure, fresh and pleasant. “Cool” is the main conditions of avioding summer, because the Mogan Mountain is located in a certain height, green coverage rate is high, and there is a large quantity of water and bamboo, therefore the summer temperature is low, in July and August the average temperature is only 24.1 degrees, especially the morning and evening is cool for it is the most appropriate for the summer. “Peaceful” of “Four Best”, the valley hills are serene just like a fictitious land of peace. Going out of the noise world and going to Mogan Mountain can give you a quiet world.
Mogan Mountain♦ Transport
Mogan Mountain is located in Deqing County, Zhejiang province, drive from Hangzhou or Shanghai to Mogan Mountain is very convenient.

There is a passenger railway station in Deqing, if take the train or high-speed rail after arriving in Deqing, you can charter a car or transfer to a bus to Mogan Mountain and it takes about half an hour to Deqing.

Deqing County surrounding city have train going Deqing County directly, and then change the bus and going to mountain scenic spot.

And in the Mountain scenic area tourists can visit by tour bus
♦ Traffic tips
1. Mogan Mountain Scenic Area is about 45 minutes to an hour going around mountain, the scenery around the mountain is pleasant and beautiful, it is suitable for road trips.
2. Renting a car from Wukang to Mogan Mountain, it will takes about half an hour, the fee is around 30 to 50 Yuan.
3. Asking whether the bus go to Yu village (Mogan Village) or go to mountain (Yinshan Street) clearly if you take the midi-bus from Wukang, because the midi-bus all wrote a sign of “Go to Mogan Mountain” actually many bus just only go to the Yu village in the foot of mountain, and  then transfer to the mountains.
4. Coming down from the Mogan Mountain is very convenient, in the Yinshan street, there will be a lot of car to go down the mountain. And there are many small van to the foot of Moganshan town, 5 Yuan per person, if charter a small van to Wukang around 50 Yuan.
♦ Tips
Insects: mountain is a good place to spend summer vacation, but in the mountain forest and bamboo, it is inevitable to see mosquito, so it’s best to bring things like insect repellent, essential balm.

Prevent sun light: in summer walking in the forest it is better to use some sunscreen, not all places have the shadow of the big tree.

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