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Desert Botanical Garden


10km away from southeast of Turpan, Xianjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

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Botanical garden in desert.

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The Desert Botanical Garden lies 10 km (6 miles) southeast of Turpan City. It is the largest botanical garden in China built on a bottomland where the average altitude is -80 m (-262 feet). Visitors will find almost 80% of the desert plants of China here, 43 of which are rare or endangered species.

With the goal to show the characteristics of desert flora and broadly collect various arid desert plants, Desert Botanical Garden was established. More than 600 species of eremophytes had been collected and 10 special gardens had been established, including Eremophytes systematic garden, Tamarisk collection garden, Calligonum collection garden, Ethnic medicinal herbs garden, Arid rare and endangered plants ex-situ protection districts, Grape germplasm collection, Desert fruit tree and ornamental plant collection, desert ornamental plants garden, halophytes garden and Junggar desert landscape exhibition area.

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