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Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in China

What to buy from China? We guess you are looking for something special and full of Chinese features during your trip in China, for your friends, or your family members. There are all varieties of handcrafts in China, and you may find different worth-buying souvenirs in each city you travel to, generally are silk, jade, tea and Chinese calligraphy. Follow us to know more top souvenirs to buy in China.


1.Silk —— Scarf/Dress/Bag/Pillow Case/Tie

What is the most symbolic Chinese souvenir in your mind? No matter which one is the first thing burst into your brain, silk will definitely be part of the answers. Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai are the best places for shopping silk products. There are all sorts of silk products you can choose from, the most popular silk souvenirs are clothing, bag, beddings and wine bottle cover.

Silk dress will be a bit expensive, especially tailor-made Qipao or stylistic dress. But some small items are cheap to buy along the shopping streets, such as little bag and scarf. It’s also worthy to pick some silk accessories for yourself.

top souvenirs to buy in China


2.Tea —— Longjing Tea/Pu’er Tea/White Tea

We guess you’ve heard about Chinese people like to drink hot water and hot tea in their daily life. Obviously, tea is an important part of Chinese people’s lives, tea also symbolizes traditional Chinese culture. If you really don’t know what to bring back to US or any other countries, Chinese tea is highly recommended.

There are plenty of famous tea in China, you can choose what to buy according to your preference. For Longjing Tea, it’s better to buy in Hangzhou, and for Pu’er Tea, go to Yunnan Province. Except for different types of tea, tea sets can also be good souvenirs to buy in China.

top souvenirs to buy in China


3.Jade —— Jewelry/Decorative Items

You may always meet some Chinese people wearing jade ring or jade bracelet when you arrive at any city in China. Jade products also have become a popular souvenir for westerners in the recent years. You can buy valuable jade products in Beijing, Kunming and Guangzhou.

Considering the price and your baggage allowance, you can buy small items like ring, necklace, bracelet. Or you can buy jade statues and other decorative items for your house. If you love Chinese calligraphy at the same time, you should take a look at the jade seal, the artist can make a personalized seal with your name on it, it’s really cool.

top souvenirs to buy in China


4.Chinese Fan —— Silk Fan/Paper Fan

What is cheap to buy in China? You should really take Chinese fan into consideration. Chinese fan is popular among both local Chinese people and foreign tourists, especially in summer. Regular fans made of paper is cheap and beautiful, with all kinds of patterns for you to choose. If you want to buy some fancy ones, the price will be higher, meanwhile, silk fan is also worth-buying.

top souvenirs to buy in China


5.Chopsticks —— Bamboo/Wooden/Painted/Plain

Chopsticks play an important role among all the characteristic Chinese souvenirs, cheap, useful and meaningful. What you can choose are generally bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks, meanwhile, you can consider painted or plain chopsticks based on your interests. What’s more, there are also cute chopsticks for children if you are looking for some gifts for kids. Also choose some featured bowls and plates if you like.

top souvenirs to buy in China


6.Chinese Calligraphy —— Regular Script/Seal Script/Cursive Script/Running Script/Official Script

Cultural souvenir like Chinese calligraphy must be one of the top souvenirs to buy in China. It could be on fan, pottery, cloth and book. Except for different size of the artwork, there are various of writing styles you can choose from, such as regular script, seal script, cursive script, running script and official script, just choose your favorite type.

top souvenirs to buy in China

Want to find valuable artwork? Our local guide may show you the best place to buy Chinese painting and calligraphy. Don’t hesitate to join us, you may also experience writing by yourself.


7.Chinese Knots —— Key Chains/Wall Hangings

Chinese knots signify unity, happiness, good fortune and love. If you are looking for something unique for your friends and family members, Chinese knots will definitely be perfect gifts, regardless of ages. You can buy in many tourist spots in each city you travel to, or you can ask a local guide for the best market to buy more beautiful ones.

Small key chains are quite suitable to bring back home, even though what you usually see are always in red, you can still find many other colors if you like. Bigger Chinese knots are good wall hangings for decorating your house, full of Chinese cultural characteristics.

top souvenirs to buy in China


8.Opera Masks

As you may know Beijing Opera and Sichuan Opera before you travel to China. Why don’t you buy some opera masks as souvenirs? There are so many types and colors for the masks, most opera masks stand for different characters in the opera shows. Additionally, opera masks are good decorations on the wall, just choose your favorite size and color combination.

top souvenirs to buy in China


9.Mao Memorabilia —— Watches/Propaganda Posters

Mao Memorabilia may not be on your must-buy list, but you can possibly think about the related items as souvenirs. Recommended items to buy are mainly watches, school supplies, propaganda posters and other accessories. Panjiayuan Antiques Market in Beijing may be the best place for you to explore.


10.Clothes —— Qipao/Tang Costume/Han Costume

When walking along the streets of some cities, you may easily meet some Chinese people who are wearing Han costumes. More and more young people find it important to pay some attention to traditional culture and art, besides, some costumes are really beautiful. Buying clothes with distinctive Chinese style will be a wonderful experience, basically, you can buy Qipao, Tang costume and Han costume, you can even have a tailor-made one from the work shop.

top souvenirs to buy in China

For more top souvenirs to buy in China? Find your answer among those Top Shopping Paradises in China. Traveling with a local guide will be more convenient, the guide knows better the best place to buy the specific item.


Both Shopping and Sightseeing are Included in Your Tour

There are lots of shopping streets in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu and Hong Kong. As you’ve already known what souvenirs to bring back to US, you can let us help you with all the arrangements for both shopping and sightseeing.

You can check our sample tours for some good ideas, or you can have a tailor-made tour with a more flexible schedule.


Don’t worry about the itinerary, our professional travel consultant will design a great plan for you.

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