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Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

Longji Terrace refers to the terrace that was developed in Longji Mountain, which is called Longsheng Terraced Field in a broad sense and Longji Terraced Field in a narrow sense. Located in Longsheng Autonomous County, Guangxi province, the Longji Mountain is 80 kilometers away from Guilin City. Since Longji is the habitation for Yao and Zhuang ethnic group, it gains the official name of Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace.

In Longji Mountain, the highest terrace is 1,180 meters above sea level, while the lowest is 380 meters. With a magnificent scale and spectacular atmosphere, it owns the reputation of The Top of The Terraced Fields in the world. As a main body of the terrace farming culture, Longji Terraced Field is a scenic spot that integrates the natural scenery and the cultural landscape of ethnic minorities. The harmonious atmosphere and undisputed living environment attract more and more tourists at home and abroad, which makes it the top destination for holiday paradise and photography. Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace will be helpful for you trip. Follow our step, and let's uncover the veil of this beautiful place.

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace
Longji Terrace

The Photography Theme for Ethnic Villages

In the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace, you could find Jinkeng Dazhai Yao Ethnic Terraced Field, Ping' an Zhuang Ethnic Terraced Field, and Longji Ancient Zhuang Ethnic Terraced Field. Each scenic spot has its own characteristics.

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

Jinkeng Dazhai Yao Ethnic Terraced Field

Jinkeng is the habitation of the Yao ethnic group. Composed by Dazhai Village, Tiantou Village, Zhuangjie Village, Xinzhai Village, and Xiaozhai Village, Jinkeng was rated as The Classic Village Landscape in China. The long-hair Yao maiden attracts the people who love the minority culture and custom. Besides the humanity landscape, the terrace here is of great momentum for its location in a natural sinkhole. There are three major spots in Jinkeng - Xishan Shaoyue, Cloud Ladders, and Golden Peak of Buddha. For its late development and less commercial atmosphere, it is appreciated by the tourists and photographers.

Ping' an Zhuang Ethnic Terraced Field

Ping'an, the habitation of the Zhuang ethnic group, is the earliest developed scenic spot, where it locates the famous spot - Seven Stars Accompanied by The Moon. Most of the hotels and guesthouses are located in Ping' an, so it is a good place for accommodation if you would like to experience the local life.

Longji Ancient Zhuang Ethnic Terraced Field

Ancient Zhuang Village is the birthplace of the Zhuang ethnic group in northern Guangzhou, and it is also the representative of Stone Carving Culture in Guangzhou. The village is just located in the wait of the mountain, which was built leaning the mountain and surrounded by the terrace. Everything in the village is so primitive and simple, where you could see many ancient buildings owning a history over 100 years. The terrace here dose not possess the grand feeling like Jinkeng and the outstanding shape like Ping' an, but the terrace in Ancient Zhuang Village is delicate and exquisite.

The Photography Theme for Seasons

The scenery of Longji Terrace changes endlessly with the different seasons. In spring, the terraced fields fill with water and reflect the sunlight, which seems to be the fluttering silver ribbons. In summer, the green terrace roll with the wind, which seems to be the waves in the green ocean. In autumn, the mountains are dyed into golden, and the village is surrounded by the layers of golden terraces. In winter, Longji Terrace is covered by the snow, which seems to enter the fairy tale. Since there is no limit on the seasons, Longji becomes the heaven of photography. No matter when you would come, you would catch a unique view.

From Mid-April to Late June

It is the time for rice transplanting and water filling. The water flows down along the ditch and fills up the terraces, and the terraces are as smooth and bright as the mirrors. It is one of the popular seasons for photography.

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

enlightenedTips: During the irrigation period, the backlight shooting is the best angle. Please avoid the solar high light area, otherwise it will be underexposed.

From July to the Early September

It is a green period for the terraces. When the rice boom came, the whole terrace is covered by green. The fields are full of vitality and show green color with rich gradations under the backlight, which is a good time to work the satisfying pictures.

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

enlightenedTips: During the green period, the best photography time requests for a daytime from 8 am to 5 pm.

From the Late September to the Early November

It is the golden harvest season. The terraces turn to be gorgeously golden. The drying red peppers in front of the wooden houses show a harvest scene.

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

enlightenedTips: During the harvest season, the rosy clouds often appear in the morning and dawn. It is a good time to shoot the photos with rich gradations and strong perspective under the refraction of sunlight.

From the Late December to the Early February

It is the snow season. It is a rare and valuable time to shoot the terraces covered with snow when the lines of the filed would be striking to create a strong visual effect. 

enlightenedTips: During the snow season, it could highlight the beautiful line and texture of the terraces if you could use the lens of black and white.

The Best Places for Photography

In Longji Terrace, you could find different platforms in different scenic spots, so it is better to obtain some details about photography.

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

The Main Platforms in Jinkeng Terraced Field

  • Thousand-level Terrace: It is the closed platform to Jinkeng. The views are wide, the terraces are concentrated, and the sunset is spectacular.
  • Xishan Shaoyue: It is a higher platform, so it is the best place to shoot the sunrise.
  • Golden Peak of Buddha: From this platform, you could see the panoramic view of the terraces.

The Platforms in Ping' an Terraced Fields

Seven Stars Accompanied by The Moon The seven small mountains are stacked in the center of the field, which seems to be seven twinkling stars guarding the moon-shape field.

Nine Dragons and Five Tigers Nine Dragons refer to the nine small ridges out of the main vein of Longji Mountain. Five Tigers means to the five raised hills, which are small but characteristic.

For fewer crowds and a more spectacular view of the terraces, Jinkeng attracts more tourists and photographers than Ping’an. It is easier to climb up to the platforms in Ping' an, while Jinkeng needs for much strength.

Photography Tips for Longji

  1. It is rainy season during the irrigation period, so the camera equipment should be well prepared against rain and moisture.
  2. It is the best time to shoot the clouds at the moment that the rain stops, so please be ready and go out to find a good position and angle when rain.
  3. Polarizing lens can improve the contrast of scenery when you shoot the terrace in the case of scattered light and fog. The water in the field should be brighter than that without the polarizer.
  4. It is recommended to use the photographic film with strong contrast and high definition, which could highlight the line’s beauty and texture, and show the gradation of color.

Plan a Photography Trip to Longji Terrace

Different from the regular tour, the photography trip usually requests two to three days. The general plan would be as below:

Day 01: Arrive at Longji Terrace - Visit Jinkeng - Stay overnight in Jinkeng

Day 02: Pay a hiking or take the shuttle bus to Ping' an - Visit Ping' an & Ancient Zhuang Village - Stay overnight in Ping' an

Day 03: Leisure day or departure

Photography Tips for the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace

We hope that the article above provides you the helpful and useful information. Our professional travel consultants would be pleased to help you plan a trip to Longji Terrace if you are a photography fan of scenic view and ethnic culture.

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