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Top 5 Night Shows to Watch in China for Indians

China is beautiful, not solely in natural landscapes, but also in culture. For Indian travelers who are squeezing time to enjoy the incredible beauties of natural landscapes in day time, you may want to rest your feet and also want special night activities. Here we introduce top night shows to watch in China, relaxing yourself and absorbed in Chinese culture at the same time.


Kong Fu Show( Beijing)

Kong fu show Beijing-top 5 night shows to watch in China

Kong Fu Show is the most famous show in China, and watching Kong Fu Show is highly likely on the top of your list. Kong Fu Show is a cultural performance and a show of martial art, and the Chinese philosophy and religious ideas greatly amplify its cultural value.

Kong Fu Show performed at Beijing Red Theatre is marvelous, named Chun Yi-The Legend of Kung Fu. It has 7 scenes telling the whole life of Chun Yi from enlightenment to his death, from Kung Fu learning to being a Kung Fu master, and from a young monk knowing little to a respectable monk with big wisdom. In this Kong Fu Show, you could see amazing Kong Fu performance by dozens of professional performers.

Ticket information about Kong Fu Show and Beijing Red Theatre

Places to see Kong Fu Show at Beijing: Beijing Red Theatre.
Beijing Red Theatre location: No. 44, Xingfu Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing. It is only 5 km away from Beijing Railway Station, and 2.1 km from the north gate of Temple of Heaven.
Show time(2 shows daily): the first show(17:15-18:15), and the second one(19:30-20:40).
Seating capacity: 620 seats in the first floor, 416 seats in the second floor.
Ticket price: 280 RMB, 380 RMB, 480 RMB, 880 RMB(VIP ticket).
Contact: 010-6552 4990.
How to get to Beijing Red Theatre: take bus No. 957, No. 41, No. 116, etc. Or take metro line 5, get off at Tiantan Dongmen Metro Station, and walk about 1.3 km.


Acrobatics Show (Shanghai)

Acrobatics show shanghai-top 5 night shows to watch in China

Acrobatics Show in Shanghai is best-known in the world, and has been performed for decades of years. The most popular acrobatics show is Era-Intersection of Time in Shanghai Circus World.

Era-Intersection of Time is a stunning show presented by professional acrobats with excellent skills and also a visual feast made by modern technologies. The lighting, sound effects, live music and others make a great atmosphere for watching the show. It has 17 programs plus with prologue and finale, and the 8 highlights are Dream Mirror, Magic Water, Compass, Parachute, Orbital Station, Zero Gravity, Forever and Spanning Earth. You will definitely marvel at this show, with acrobatics, plate juggling, wheel walking, motorcycles in the steel cage, etc.

Ticket information about Acrobatics Show and Era-Intersection of Time

Where to watch acrobatic show in Shanghai: Shanghai Circus World ERA Castle(No.2801, Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai)
ERA Castle location: No.2801, Gonghexin Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai. 8.1 km from People's Square Shanghai.
Ticket price: 620 RMB, 520 RMB, 420 RMB, 320 RMB, 220 RMB.
Show time(1 show daily): 19:30-21:00.
Contact: 400-011-2797.
How to get to Shanghai Circus World ERA Castle: take metro line 1, get off at Shanhgai Maxicheng Metro Station, get out from Exit 1, and walk about 800 meters.


Impression Liu Sanjie (Guilin Yangshuo)

Impression Liu Sanjie-top 5 night shows to watch in China

Top thing to do in the evening in Guilin Yangshuo is to watch Impression Liu Sanjie. Impression Liu Sanjiu is an amazing outdoor spectacle on a grand scale, with a backdrop of Li River and mountains. The Show is presented by hundreds of actors who are performing on water.

Impression Liu Sanjie has 5 chapters together with the preface and the finale, and shows us stories of Liu Sanjie, fish-catching by fishermen, custom of ethnic minorities like the Miao, the Dong, the Yao, and the Zhuang, and folk songs of the Dong people, fairy dancing on the moon, etc.

Ticket information about Impression Liu Sanjie in Guilin

Where to watch Impression Liu Sanjie in Guilin: Mountain-Water Theatre
Mountain-Water Theatre location: No. 39, Tianyuan Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin.
Show time(2 shows daily): 20:00-21:10, 21:35-22:45 in summer. 19:30-20:40, 21:05-22:10 in winter.
Ticket price: 198 RMB, 238 RMB, 320 RMB, 450 RMB, 680 RMB.
Seating capability: 2200 seats.
Contact: 0773-8811983.
How to get to the venue of Impression Liu Sanjie: take taxi, or charter a car.


Impression West Lake(Hangzhou)

Impression West Lake Hangzhou-top 5 night shows to watch in China

Impression West Lake is a spectacular musical show and also a cultural event in Hangzhou, highly recommended to travelers looking for things to do in the evening in Hangzhou. Impression West Lake was originally made for G20, but now it is opened to the public. It continues to grow in popularity, and has gained great reviews from travelers.

Just like Impression Liu Sanjiu, it is a splendid outdoor show with a backdrop of West Lake, and performed on the water of West Lake.  It has 9 scenes and the finale, with Chinese traditional musical songs, folk dances, the love story of The Butterfly Lovers,  Swan Lake, etc. The Butterfly Lovers is a fairy tale in China, telling the beautiful and romantic love story happened in Hangzhou, which makes West Lake sparkling in culture and humanity. The natural ambience of West Lake, lighting effect, and performance make the show a visual feast, and the fusion of traditional Chinese musical elements with western ballet and opera makes the show impressive.

Ticket information about Impression West Lake

Where to watch Impression West Lake:  the northwestern side of West Lake in Hangzhou
Address: No. 82, Beishan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou.
Ticket price: 240 RMB(children), 270 RMB(children),360 RMB, 400 RMB, 680 RMB.
Show time: 19: 45-20:45(daily),21:15-22:15(Friday, Saturday, holidays).
Contact: 0571-85791266.
How to get to the venue of Impression West Lake: take bus No. 117, No.27, No.7, etc.


Chimelong International Circus(Guangzhou)

Chimelong International Circus-top 5 night shows to watch in China

Chimelong International Circus is the best place to watch circus performance in China, with fantastic stage, interesting programs, and professional performing teams from the world. The Show is professional, and impressive, highly recommended to travelers who are in Guangzhou.

Chimelong International Circus has 18 programs in all, with highlights like the animal acts, motorcycle show, clown show, acrobatic show, etc. The Circus Show is presented by circus animals, acrobats, singers, and dancers, and they give amazing and professional performance, presenting hilarious moments and thrill moments for you.

Ticket information about Chimelong International Circus

Where to watch Chimelong International Circus: Chimelong International Circus Grand Theatre.
Chimelong International Circus Grand Theatre location:  Hanxi Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou.
Ticket price: 350 RMB, 430 RMB , 550 RMB, 730 RMB for normal days; 450 RMB, 610 RMB, 730 RMB, 830 RMB for special days, including holidays, weekend days, summer holidays from 1, July to 31, August.
Show time: 19:30-20:50.
Seating capacity: 7000.
Contact: 020-84796600.
How to get to Chimelong International Circus Grand Theatre: take metro line 7 or line 3, get off at Hanxi Changlong Metro Station, get out from Exit D, and walk about 260 meters.


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