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Top 10 Places Indians Should Visit in China

China is a popular tour destination to Indian travelers, in terms of convenience from India to China, beautiful sceneries in China, and China travel cost. For those Indian tourists who are planning a trip to China, we here recommend top 10 places suitable for Indians to visit in China.

Best places for trip to China from India are Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Kunming, Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Jiuzhaigou, Guangzhou, and these top 10 cities are popular destinations in China, well-trodden places to Indians friends, and also must-visit lists hand-picked by us.  In the following, we will introduce them for you one by one. 


Beijing-See the Grandeur of China

Beijing-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Great Wall/ Beijing)

Beijing is the best popular place to visit in China, with a reputation for visiting magnificent ancient sites, and experiencing brilliant Chinese culture. In Beijing, you could visit grandly-built ancient sites like the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, take pictures at modern landmarks like the Bird's Nest, climb the famous Great Wall, hang around in Beijing hutongs and Houhai, watch Kong fu show at the Red Theatre, and rest your feet in Summer Palace and Beihai Park.

Recommendation : ★★★★★
Places to go: the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Beijing hutong, the Bird’s Nest, Houhai, Beihai Park.
Famous streets: Wangfujing Dajie, Yandai Xiejie, Qianmen Dajie, Sanlitun Bar Street.
Days of stay: 3-5 days.


Xian-Explore Wonders of China

Xian-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Terracotta Warriors/ Xian)

Xian, a city of thousands of years, manifests the brilliant history of China and the great achievements made in ancient China. Xian has been an open city for a long time, and it is the place where different cultures exchange, and move forward, and you could see Indian culture, and Muslim culture brought to China and living in here. In Xian, you could go to Terracotta Warriors to see those tremendous warriors exquisitely-made two thousand years ago, visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Small Wild Goose Pagoda to see Buddhist scriptures brought to China, to challenge the most dangerous mountain-Mount Huashan for its unbelievable beauty.

Recommendation: ★★★★★  
Places to go: Terracotta Warriors, Xian City Wall Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Mount Huashan, Bell and Drum Towers, Tang Paradise.  
Famous streets: Muslim Street, Bei Dajie, Shuyuanmen Street.  
Days of stay: 2-4 days.  


Shanghai-Visit Modern Buildings and Experience Multiculture

Shanghai-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Shanghai Disneyland)

Shanghai is one of the busiest cities in China, renowned to the world for its economy and modernization. In Shanghai, you could experience Shanghai culture in Yuyuan Garden, and Zhujiajiao Water Town, find foreign cultures in the Bund, have a panorama view of Shanghai in Oriental Pearl Tower, and have a great family day in Shanghai Disneyland.

Recommendation: ★★★★★
Places to go: Yuyuan Garden, Jade Buddha Temple, Zhujiajiao Water Town, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower, the Bund, Shanghai Disneyland.
Famous streets: Chenghuangmiao Street, Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road.
Days of stay: 2-3 days.


Chengdu-See the National Animal of China, Panda

Chengdu-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)

Chengdu, a leisure city in southwestern China, has key highlights in Chinese Giant Panda, and Chengdu food, and its location close to Jiuzhaigou. In Chengdu, you could go to see those adorable pandas, who live in natural parks specially built for them, and taste Chengdu food. Chengdu food is spicy and delicious, and Indian travelers will love it. Still, you could go to Leshan Giant Budda, Mount Emei, and Juizhaigou to see superb sceneries.

Recommendation: ★★★★
Places to go: Dujiangyan Panda Base, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, People's Park, Leshan Giant Budda, Mount Emei, and Juizhaigou.
Famous streets: Jinli Street, Kuanzhai Alley.
Days of stay: 2-4 days.


Guilin-Beautiful Scenery in the South of China

Guilin-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Li River/ Guilin)

Guilin is a small city in the south of China, well known for its natural beauty in landscape. In Guilin, you could go to Elephant Trunk Hill and Reed Flute Cave to see mountains and caves, and go to Longji Rice Terrace and Yangshuo for countryside sightseeing, and take Li River Cruise to see the most beautiful scenery of Guilin, and watch Impression Liu Sanjie Show in Yangshuo. Guilin is a very popular place to Indian travelers, and Guilin sceneries are beautiful and much different from those in India. By the way, consumption in Guilin is comparatively low.

Recommendation: ★★★★★
Places to go: Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Park, Longji Rice Terrace, Ten-mile Gallery, Li River, Yulong River.
Famous streets: Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Yangshuo West Street.
Days of stay: 3-5 days.


Kunming- the Closest Place to Go in China from India

Kunming-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Dongchuan Red Land/ Kunming)

Kunming is a major gateway in southwestern China, and it is also the closest place to go in China from India, only 2.5 hours by flights. Kunming has comfortable weather in four seasons, suitable for travelling all year round. In Kunming, you could go to Stone Forest to see the amazing landscape, to Dongchuan Red Land to see the colorful land, to Luoping to see a vast land of beautiful rapeseed, and to Flower and Bird Market to see flowers and animals. Another key highlight of Kunming is its closeness to Lijiang, Dali and Shangri-la.

Recommendation: ★★★★
Places to go: Stone Forest, Dongchuan Red Land, Luoping, Flower and Bird Market, Hani Rice Terrace.
Famous streets: Nanping Street, Jinma Biji Street.
Days of stay: 2 days.


Zhangjiajie-Adventure in Vertical Mountains

Zhangjiajie-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Zhangjiajie National Forest Park)

Zhangjiajie is a beautiful place hiding in the west of Hunan province, with much for your to explore. Zhangjiajie has built its name for distinctive mountains and thrilling experience. In Zhangjiajie, you could have a ride on the longest mountain ropeway, take elevator inside of a mountain, walk on the cliff-hanging walkway and transparent skywalk, climb Tianmen mountain with 999 steps, and challenge bungee jumping. There are so many funs in Zhangjiajie. Still you could also go to Fenghuang Ancient Town.

Recommendation: ★★★★
Places to go: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Tianmen National Forest Park, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Fenghuang Ancient Town.
Famous street: Tianzi Street.
Days of stay: 3-5 days.


Hangzhou-Enjoy the Beauty of the Most Famous Lake in China

Hangzhou-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(West Lake/ Hangzhou)

Hangzhou, is a romantic city famous for a legendary love story and the beautiful West Lake. When mentioning Hangzhou, people would know West Lake, Leifeng Pagoda, water towns, Longji tea, and Hangzhou silk. In Hangzhou, you could have a leisure tour of going sightseeing, drinking cups of tea, and watching Impression West Lake Show. For sightseeing, you could go cycling and take a boat at West Lake, see those beautiful ancient houses at Wuzhen Water Town, and pick fresh tea leaves at Meijiawu Tea Village.

Recommendation: ★★★★
Places to go: West Lake, Leifeng Pagoda, Lingyin Temple, Wuzhen Water Town, Nanxun Water Town, Meijiawu Tea Village.
Famous street: Qinghe Fang.
Days of stay: 2-3 days.


Jiuzhaigou-Captivating Views of Crystal Blue Waters and Lush Greenery

jiuzhaigou-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Jiuzhaigou Valley)

Jiuzhaigou is a hidden treasure in southwestern China, and it has won lots of tourists to come for its incredible views. Jiuzhaigou is distinctive for spectacular natural scenery made by its azure lakes, lush greenery, waterfalls and mountains. The best season to Jiuzhaigou is September and October, and at this time, Jiuzhaigou is magical and charming with the colors given by the greatest artist.

Recommendation: ★★★★★
Places to go: Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong National Park.
Famous street: Bianbian Street.
Days of stay: 3 days.


Guangzhou-Paradise for Family Trip

Guangzhou-top 10 places Indians should visit in China
(Pearl River/ Guangzhou)

Guangzhou is a famous business city in China, and it is also the top city where Indian travelers like to visit. Guangzhou has 2 key highlights to Indian travelers, best place for flight transfer in China, and great recreation facilities for family trip. In Guangzhou, you could have fun in Chimelong Safari Park, Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong International Circus, and have a panorama view of Guangzhou in Canton Tower, and have a great night by taking a Pearl River Cruise.

Recommendation: ★★★★
Places to go: Chimelong Safari Park, Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park, Chimelong International Circus, Canton Tower, Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island, White Cloud Mountain.
Famous streets: Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.
Days of stay: 2-3 days.

The above lists top 10 places Indians should visit in China, in fact, there are many other places which are beautiful and interesting to visit in China. Other recommended places for Indian travelers to visit in China are Suzhou, Lijiang, Shanghrila, Lhasa, Hong Kong and Macau.

Top China Travel offers China tours that match your interests, preferences, and budget, and we would love to help make China tours tailored to your needs. Please feel free to make an enquiry, tailor make your trip step by step.

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