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What to Do & Learn During an Educational Trip to China

For students or teachers who are planning an educational trip to China, or parents who want to arrange educational and meaningful things to do in China for children, here we offer travel tips on what to do and learn for educational tour in China.

For arranging an educational tour in China, you would like to look for activities with educational elements and also interesting to students and children. And there are several things for you to think about, watching Chinese-style shows,  attending lessons to experience Chinese culture and make Chinese handicrafts, and experience games and activities that Chinese people do in their daily life.


Watch Chinese Shows

Tourists from other countries love to watch Chinese shows, and usually speaking, those shows are arranged in night, thus tourists could have day tour and watch shows at night, and save time for more sightseeing. Why do I recommend you to watch Chinese shows? In fact, Chinese shows are a good way to learn Chinese culture, some of them reflect  people's life, and some are fairytales made by Chinese people. The following are several shows popular to tourists and good for a learning activity.

Kong fu show-what to do and learn during an educational trip to China

► Kong Fu Show. Kong Fu Show performed at Beijing Red Theatre in Beijing is a marvelous show of Chinese Kong Fu, which is the most well-known thing in China to foreigners. Kong Fu was created by monks, and has been an important part of Chinese Buddhism. In the show, you will hear the legendary life story of Chun Yi-a master of  Kung Fu, and watch amazing and professional Kung Fu performance.

► Acrobatics Show. Acrobatics Show in Shanghai is a bravo show about difficult body movements by performers and it consists of a series of performances, such as tightrope walking, trick-cycling, motorcycles, etc. The stunning show is presented by professional acrobats, who have trained a lot and have excellent skills in presenting you a great performance.

► Impression West Lake.  Impression West Lake in Hangzhou is an outdoor musical show performed on the water of West Lake, and during the show, you could enjoy the stunning beauty of West Lake under lights, and watch the performance of the Butterfly Lovers, which is a famous love story in China, and traditional Chinese song performance, tea-culture performance, etc.

There are other shows for tourists in other places, such as Impression Liu Sanjie in Yangshuo Guilin,  Impression Lijiang in Lijiang, and Tang Dynasty Show in Xian.

Besides, you could also go to watch another kind of shows which present traditional Chinese culture under national protection, such as Chinese Shadow Puppetry, and Beijing Opera. You could watch Chinese Shadow Puppetry or Leather-Sihouette Show at Gao Courtyard in Xian, and see the performance tool and try to play it by yourself.

Learn Useful Skills

While at home, you must have heard of some Chinese elements, like dumpling(Jiao Zi),  Chinese knot, Chinese paper-cutting, china, jade ware, pottery. Your educational trip to China is the best chance for you to shorten your distance with those things, and have fun with them.

How to Make Chinese Dumpling-what to do and learn during an educational trip to China

► How to make dumpling. Dumpling is the most common food in China, and it has so many fans in the world for its deliciousness, and has become a must-order food in a Chinese restaurant for foreigners. Dumpling in China is easily home-made food, and most families would make it by themselves. While having an educational trip to China, you could learn how to make dumpling.

Two important things in making dumpling are wrapper, and stuffing. For making wrappers, you could first make dough and then make wrappers from dough. Dumpling has various stuffing, mainly divided into the meat one and the vegetarian one, and you only need to wash them and shred them into pieces and put in seasonings. The difficult part is to use the wrapper to wrap the stuff. After an experiential learning, you could make dumpling at home by yourself.

► How to make Chinese traditional handicrafts, like Chinese knot, and paper-cutting. Small exquisite Chinese traditional handicrafts are very beautiful and  have blessings for life, thus people would like to make them and put them in houses.  Chinese knot is made by strings through special weaving, and it has blessings of safety, health and happiness, and you could hang it in houses or cars.  Chinese paper-cutting is pasted on window glass, and used to decorate houses in Spring Festival, and it could be designed into various patterns and shapes, such as animals, flowers, and letters. You could totally get this two skills, and make Chinese knot and paper cutting to decorate houses.

► How to make terracotta warriors, china, and pottery. When visiting Terracotta Warriors, you would admire its greatness and excellent skills.  But please remember, you could make your own terracotta warriors and bring them home. Outside the Terracotta, there are stores for you to experience how to make terracotta warriors. Except terracotta warriors, you could also go to experiential stores to learn how to make china and pottery.


Attending Learning Lessons

If there are any things you would like to learn, it is very likely that they are Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, and some travelers would like to learn how to cook Chinese food. All of these we could arrange for you.

► Chinese painting. Unlike western painting, Chinese traditional painting is ink wash painting, and it is drew by ink and brush. It looks like pretty simple, used only one color, but it is difficult to draw a good painting.

► Chinese calligraphy. Some students are learning Chinese at home, and are interested in Chinese calligraphy, which is an art writing of Chinese letters. Traditional Chinese calligraphy is written by brush, and it has many writing schools and styles with great art appreciation.

► Chinese food cooking. If you are interested in learning how to cook Chinese food, we could arrange you to learn in ordinary Chinese family, or at Sichuan Cuisine Museum. Chinese food is delicious and various, and it is interesting for you to learn how to cook it if you are a fan of Chinese food.

How to cook Chiense food-what to do and learn during an educational trip to China

Experience Activities in Chinese People's Daily Life

In planning an educational trip to China, you may wonder what Chinese people do in their daily life, and here we will introduce some to you. To children, flying kite is an interesting thing to do on lawn, in square or park. Square is the most regular place to fly a kite, and you could see many children enjoying themselves on square.

► Play Tai Chi. Tai Chi-playing is a Chinese culture with a long history in China, and you must have heard of it. Playing Tai Chi is beneficial to body health, and it is especially popular to elders. We have Tai Chi-playing arrangements in many cities, such as Beijing and Xian.

visit tea plantation-what to do and learn during an educational trip to China

► Taste Chinese tea and visit tea plantation . Chinese tea is so famous in the world for a long time that many foreigners like to drink Chinese tea. In China, drinking tea is not the same as those in western countries, and we have made special tea sets and have tea-making methods for making a good cup of tea. Drinking tea in China is to taste tea, and we use fresh tea leaves, not tea bag, and you could smell the aroma of those tea leaves. In Hangzhou and Guilin, you could go to tea villages to see how tea tree is planted, how tea leaves are picked and roasted ,and also drink cups of tea in there.

go camping in Yangshuo-what to do and learn during an educational trip to China

The above lists three types of activities for students to enjoy a great educational tour in China, and except these,  you could also join interesting outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, rock climbing, camping, cycling, hiking etc. If there are any things you are interested, please contact us and let us make it for you.

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