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Top Things to Experience for Student Tour to China

When planning a student trip to China, you would like to put several must-do things in your list. So what are the most interesting things to do and what are the most meaningful things to do for students having a tour in China? Here we summarize those most popular activities to foreign travelers including students and children for you. Hope this would help you make a great China trip plan.


Climb the Great Wall

top things to experiece for student tour to China-the Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is the most famous thing to Chinese people and also foreign travelers. The Great Wall of China was built hundreds of years ago, on the top of mountain for military defense. Now it is the best place for watching natural scenery of big views in Beijing. The Great Wall of China is very long, over 20,000 km stretching from east to west. The Great Wall of China in Beijing is 573 km long, and divided into several sections, such as Mutianyu Great Wall, Badaling Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, Jingshanling Great Wall.

Mutianyu Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall are the most popular sections to foreign travelers for its complete tourism facilities, and easiness for climbing. There are restaurants, hotels, cable cars, and toboggans for travelers. Jiankou Great Wall, Jingshanling Great Wall and Simaitai Great Wall are more popular for hikers. Though the climbing road is not so even, they have captivating scenery.


See Chinese Giant Panda in Chengdu

top things to experiece for student tour to China-Chinese Giant Panda

Chinese giant panda is a star among so many animals for its rareness, and Sichuan is the home of Chinese panda, and it is the best place to see those cute pandas. In Sichuan, there are four panda bases, and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and Dujiang Panda Base are the closest, and convenient to visit.

In Chengdu Panda Base, you could see many pandas living in a very comfortable environment to them. You could see how they play together, how they climb trees, and how they eat food in their playgrounds, go to the panda museum , science center and hospital to learn more about Chinese giant panda, and go to the panda kitchen to see what pandas eat and how their food are made. Moreover, you could also go the panda delivery room to see baby pandas and panda villas to see pandas' living room.


Taste Chinese Tea and Visit Tea Villages

top things to experiece for student tour to China-Meijiawu Tea Village

Chinese tea enjoys a big name in the world for hundreds of years, whether you have drunk Chinese tea or not, you have heard of it. Chinese tea has many kinds, like green tea and black tea. Green tea is also subdivided into several kinds according to its planting places.  Tourists in China should really taste cups of tea made by Chinese people, which is much different from those you drink in your own country. For drinking cups of tea of great taste, you could go to tea houses or tea villages.

One of the most famous green tea is West Lake Longjing Tea in Hangzhou, popular for its fragrance, freshness and good taste. Tourists in Hangzhou are highly recommended to drink cups of Longjing Tea, and also visit tea villages like Meijiawu Tea Village.  In Meijiawu Tea Village, you could see a large tea plantation, and see how tea trees are planted, and how tea leaves are roasted and join experiential activities, such as how to pick tea leaves. After a visit to a tea village, you would know much more about Chinese tea.

Take Huangpu River Cruise

top things to experiece for student tour to China-Huang River Night Cruise

Shanghai is an international metropolis, famous for its economy and modern buildings. To tourists, the night view of shanghai is fascinating, and taking Huangpu River cruise is the best way to enjoy the highlight of Shanghai night view and shining Shanghai under lights.  Shanghai night view is composed of the Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Huangpu River, and the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower are at the two sides of Huangpu River. The most popular night activity is to take Huangpu River cruise to see the charming of Shanghai at night.

Huangpu River cruises at day time are available every hour from 11:00-17:00. Huangpu River night cruises are available from 18:00 to 21:30, and tourists could board the cruise at every half hour, and the whole journey of Huangpu River night cruise takes about 45 min.


Visit Water Town

top things to experiece for student tour to China-Zhujiajiao Water Town

In the east of China, there are  famous towns, called water town, which are specially built along rivers, with 5 important elements- wooden boats, rivers, bridges, stone-paved roads, and old houses. This kind of towns have a long history for thousands of years, and now they are under national protection. Famous water towns are Wuzhen Water Town, Xitang Water Town and Nanxun Water Town in Zhejiang province, Tongli Water Town and Zhouzhuang Water Town in Jiangsu province, and Zhujiajiao Water Town in Shanghai.

Water towns are beautiful and serene, perfectly matching the harmony between society and natural environment. Whether it is in the past or in nowadays, water towns are the love of poets, painters and photograghers, and the popular place to tourists.


Watch Kong Fu Show & Play Tai Chi

top things to experiece for student tour to China-play tai chi

Kong Fu is a kind of Chinese Wushu, first created by monks, and used for self-defense in fighting and body building for health. Kong Fu, as a martial art, is often shoot in movies and TV series. Kong Fu is well known to the world mainly owing to Bruce Lee, Jackie Chen, and Chinese movies. For those who know something about Kong Fu, would know that Kong Fu is amazing in fighting with so many skills in conquering the counterpart.

In Beijing, you could enjoy a fantastic kong fu show in the Red Theatre, and the kong fu performance by the professionals are surprising and shocking. In Dengdu, you could visit Shaolin Temple, the origin place of Chinese Kong Fu, where you could see temple buildings, watch kong fu performances,  practice kong fu under guide, and experience how Chinese monks live a day.

Tai Chi is another kind of Chinese Wushu, with the biggest feature as “overcoming firmness by gentleness”, and nowadays it is really popular among elders for fitness, and it is also a learning course to Chinese university students. Playing Tai Chi would be a special experience to students who want to experience Chinese culture. And we have Tai Chi-playing activities in Beijing, and Xian City Wall, and other places. It is highly recommended to tourists, especially students.

The above lists several must-do activities to tourists, especially to students who have an educational tour in China. Except these, there are also other interesting things to do, and you  could visit historical and cultural sites and natural sites listed UNESCO World Heritage, such as the Forbidden City, and visit minority villages, and take Yangtze River cruise, etc.

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