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Client: Joseph Rajendran

Nationality: Singapore

Group Code: TCT-TS-FIT-191122

Pax: 4

Itinerary: Chengdu

It has taken me some time to write this script but it is a review that must be shared. 

In June 2019, my family had a small window of time to have a break and we decided to explore China, and with Top China Travel. Off course, as non-Chinese speaking tourists, language was a key consideration. That trip, put together entirely by Consultant Tracy Su, went superbly well.

As we approached the end of the Singapore school terms in November, we decided to take another trip, again with guidance and advice by Ms Su. Our trip to Chengdu was expertly counselled by her: What is possible in terms of travel time; Where to visit, based on our interest; The interesting places that were open and sometimes, she advised us against certain trips because they were long haul as that is not what we wanted (i.e. we wanted a leisurely trip).

Two trips in 2019 under the expert guidance of Ms Su - Expert advice, got the best guides on-the-ground, she called in to check on our trip (not frequent when you book private tours to other parts of the world), and ensure every detail was meticulously adhered to.

Thank you to TCT and Ms Su for their expert service quality and culture.
Also, special thanks to our guide – Snow – who attended to every detail of the trip. For example, on our evening trip to view the Sichuan Opera, she informed us of the crowds and how we should look after ourselves. Likewise, the trip to Qingcheng Shan. We enjoyed the trip and kudos to her for making it happen. 

For those looking to understand service quality from a China travel agency, look no further. We will be returning as customers to TCT.

China Travel Advisor

Traveling makes you happy, you could always find that you will be more open, curious, and want to gain more during the tour. If you go for traveling, you could see more, learn more, experience more and will do more when you back to day job. I would like to help you make a perfect journey in China, sharing unforgettable experience and memory with you.

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