21 days China tour from Canada

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Client: Lise

Nationality: Canada

Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-110327

Pax: 5

Itinerary: Shanghai-Suzhou-Guilin-Beijing-Datong-Pingyao-Xian-Shanghai

Hello Janet,

Sorry it took me so long to answer. We have been very busy working since we came back 3 weeks ago.

I want to thank you again for the very good planning of our trip and for taking such good care of us and especially me with my twisted ankle. One thing for sure is that it is kind of easy to visit China in a wheel chair....and that surprised a lot of people here when we told them that I coud make it and do more than 90% of what we had planned even though I was not able to walk. Thanks to you for providing the chair and for letting know the guides about it. By the way I still do not know what exactly happened with my foot and still have problem walking....

This trip has been our favorite one considering the sites we visited, very good food, welcoming and friendly people, beautiful scenery,very comfortable hotels and transportation. We have been pleased to learn about your fabulous history and culture. We recommend such a voyage to all our friends.

The only thing we would suggest to change would be:

Spend only one day in Datong instead of 2 nights since one day seems enough for the visit of the 2 extraodinary sites.

I would rather go from Datong to Beijing by car instead of train because faster. ( unless a new fast speed train is available) We really enjoyed the fast speed train from Shangai to Suzhou.

I cannot tell what we really like the most since the 5 of us have different interests but be sure that we were all pleased: Longji terrace, Datong, great wall, Yangshuo,Pingyao, Beijing

French guides: We know french is hard to learn

We have a special thank to Alice ( our guide in Guilin) for her attention, comments,very professional attitude. Her French is very very good.

I would like if possible to have her e-mail address to say thank you to her.

M. Gu ( SUzhou) has been a very good guide as well ,provinding us with a lot of information and very easy to understand.

It was a little bit harder with Cecile ( Xian) . She knows perfectly her french texts giving us many details about the city. Though she does not quite understand if we ask a question making the visit less interesting.

We did not have time up to now to look at the pictures we took.

Thanks again to all members of your group that participated in organizing our trip. We have been very satisfied and look forward to return to beautiful CHina.


Lise, Marie, Steph, Ghislain et Louis-Félix.

China Travel Advisor

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