Great Yunnan Trip from Australia

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Client: Ms.Sony Varma

Nationality: Australia

Group Code: TCT-JC-FIT-180110

Pax: 2

Itinerary: Kunming-Dongchuan-Kunming-Yuanyang-Kunming

Dear Brittany,

Thank you for sending me the mobile number and name of the local contact in Yunnan Province.
I have been very happy with your effecient service. Look forward to organising more tours with you for my future China visits.
Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2018.


Dear Brittany,
I will get back home on the 12th Feb. Yes certainly, I will post my very favourable comments on the trip advisor as soon as I get a chance. We had a wonderful time. Thank you for organising it all for us.

Feedback on Tripadvisor:

My husband and I visited the stone forest which was organised by Brittany from Top China Travel.
TCT was very efficient with the planing of this and other tours during our 4 day stay in Kunming.
Our tour guide Murphy was wonderful and went our if her way to show us everything.
The stone forest was unique landform, something we have never seen before.
The added extra bonus was finding out about the minorities who stay in the Yunnan Province. Their culture and their clothes were so colorful.
Murphy also organised us to see The Dynamic Yunnan - wonderful live performance which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Will certainly go back to Kunming to see other attractions through TCT.

China Travel Advisor

The reason why people love to travel, not to reach the destinations, but to enjoy all kinds of fun during the journey. Only when one travels then could reads one's own mind, which tells one that the world is wider than imagines. I wish I could be the one who show you the best of the world.

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