Gorgeous Detian Waterfall Trip from Nanning

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Client: Mr.Joseph Rajendran

Nationality: Singapore

Group Code: TCT-TS-FIT-190602A

Pax: 3

Itinerary: Nanning

During the annual June Singapore school holidays, my family decided to do something a bit bold, by taking a short trip to China, specifically Nanning, Guanxi. 

But being non-Chinese language speakers, we had to find a suitable travel agency. In trying to do so, there was a fear that the travel consultant/agency might not be able to communicate in ways we understood as English speakers. 

All this was allayed when my first email to Top China Travel received an almost-immediate response. Travel consultant Tracy Su was most professional from the start of the discussion to the completion of the tour. 

Here is a sample of the wonderful things she did:
- Based on our internet research, we proposed our travel agenda. She patiently showed us why some of the activities we wanted to do were not feasible, while offering alternatives. This was great.
- She called the hotel we made a booking with to ensure smooth check-in. It is important to understand that English is our only lingua franca.
- While on tour, she kept checking with the on-the-ground guide to ensure our visits to the likes of Detian Waterfalls and Mt Qingxiu were in order. This added a sense of reassurance to us.

My family has travelled extensively using in-country guides. Most guides will see their job as complete as soon as they drop you off at the Airport. Not Ms Su. 

Thank you for all that extra service that made the experience wonderful So comfortable that we are looking to go back to China soon, and with the help of Top China Travel and Ms Su.

Thank you & keep up the great work. 

Joseph Rajendran

China Travel Advisor

Traveling makes you happy, you could always find that you will be more open, curious, and want to gain more during the tour. If you go for traveling, you could see more, learn more, experience more and will do more when you back to day job. I would like to help you make a perfect journey in China, sharing unforgettable experience and memory with you.

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