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The Travel Strategy of Traveling Lanzhou

Post Time: May 20 2015 By Vanessa Li

This was my first time to Lanzhou, carefully looked at the city and wanted to explore all the ins and outs of the city: hundreds of years’ ancient bridge and impetuous river. A river, a bridge and a city played the concerto of pearl of the Yellow River—Lanzhou. Sweet or bitter, or pain, or lost, but as long as walking on the ancient bridge, when touched Lanzhou nourished by the Yellow River, tired and lonely will disappear with river.
TIPS: Lanzhou is the geometric center of China's geographic map, it located in a east-west extension of long and narrow valley, sandwiched between two mountains in the north and the south, near the Yellow River, forming the unique scenery of urban landscape. It is called "Gold City", is the starting point of the Hexi corridor, but also the important town of the ancient Silk Road.


♦ Transportation
How to get to Lanzhou
By air
Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport is in the 75 km north of the downtown, there are many flights to Lanzhou.
Transport information between downtown and the airport
A. Shuttle Bus
1. After the flight arrived in Lanzhou are there are shuttle buses to the city, the ticket price: 30 Yuan/person.
2. The place to take shuttle bus from downtown Lanzhou to Zhongchuan airport is in the civil aviation ticket office that in the opposite of Jinjiang sunlight hotel. Tickets: 30 Yuan/person.
3. The departure time from downtown: 05:30 ~ 19:00 and 1 hour interval a shuttle bus. As there are many people they will work overtime.
4. Distance: about 75 kilometers, about 1 hour driving

B. Taxi
1. Taking taxi by yourself: around 180-200 Yuan, suggested directly negotiate with the driver of price; don't run the meter because if you pay by metered it will be more than 200 Yuan.
2. Carpooling: no matter from downtown to the airport or airport to city the taxi can be carpooled with different expenses, general is 40-100 Yuan/person (according to the number of carpoolers and seat has different price).
By train
It is railway intersection of Longhai, Lanxin, Lanqing and Baolan. Lanzhou is also the important station of Second Eurasian Continental Bridge start from east of Lianyun port to the west of Rotterdam and the Netherlands. Lanzhou station located in the south of the city at the foot of the Gaolan Mountain, every day there are nearly 60 trains everyday back and forth through cities.

By bus
Lanzhou has seven long distance bus passenger stations. Because Lanzhou is located in the eastern Gansu, far from the major tourist city of Hexi corridor, taking train is better than bus, but if you want to go to the place that impassable by train in Gannan, then you can only by bus. Lanzhou East Bus Station is located in the Pingling Road, West Bus Station is in Xijin west road.


♦ Accommodation
The most of Hotels is mostly distributed in nearby Panxuan Road, Tianshui Middle Road, North Road, and North Binhe Road in Lanzhou; there are many grades of hotels, guest houses, visitors can choose according to their own needs. Ordinary standard rooms of the hotel price is in commonly between 100 to 300 Yuan, hostel relatively much cheaper that the price of standard room in 60 Yuan. Five-star hotel is Crowne Plaza, Ningwo Manor Hotel, etc., the price is relatively high.

♦ Foods
1. Ma Zilu Beef Noodles: one of the most famous snacks in Lanzhou is hand-pulled beef noodle. Nowadays, you can find beef noodles restaurants in Lanzhou each street. Among them, Ma Zilu Lanzhou Beef Noodles is the most delicious, red chili oil, green caraway and garlic sprout, white radish slices, handmade delectable yellow stretched noodles and thick beef soup, it is so moreish. It is located in the Yellow River iron bridge 200 meters of its east, Dazhong lane Food Street, and it only opens in the morning and at noon. Besides, Jinding Stretched Noodle is also good.

2. Masan Potatoes Chips: in Lanzhou, speaking of Tongwei road "Masan Potatoes Chips", almost everyone knows and even a lot of nonlocal guests from other cities coming to Lanzhou, all want to eat Lanzhou potatoes chips. Spicy potato chips, skin of bean curd, sweet rice cakes, and some drinks, it is perfect match.

Recommended dishes: potato chips, skin of bean curd, sweet rice cakes
Location: Taking bus No.6, 59, and 4, and getting off at the provincial government (new world department store in Tongwei road), then walking 300 meters towards north.

3. Du’s Dessert: Du’s Dessert is an old restaurant and its feature is grey bean. The grey bean is a unique food made of pea. Besides to drink bean soup, a bowl of thick bean paste is also a delicacy. In addition of crystal cake and jujube rice cake, meat pies are good local characteristics snacks.

Recommended dishes: grey beans, hot east fruit
Location: Zhangye Road, Dazhong Lane, Lanzhou city

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