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Distant Lanzhou—Feeling of Traveling to Lanzhou

Post Time: May 20 2015 By Vanessa Li

Every mention of Gansu province, many people in addition to know she is located in the northwest frontier, and the Hexi corridor across in but people know little about her local conditions and customs; But speaking of Gansu provincial capital Lanzhou, most of people will think of Lanzhou stretched noodles, called a bowl of clear soup beef noodles. It is no exaggeration to say Lanzhou stretched noodles is the city card of Lanzhou.

Overnight train brought us to the Gansu, looked out the window of the loess plateau, imagined the appearance of Lanzhou, the hungry stomach protested and reminded me that I should eat breakfast, but I would like to leave the stomach to the bowl of Lanzhou noodles.

The northwest China is bold and desolate; if you place yourself in there you can understand the feeling. As it were, all the way from Zhongwei to Lanzhou is the "yellow"

After getting off the train, we straightly go to Gansu Provincial Museum to look for “Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow”. Gansu province is China's ancient myths and legends—it is the birthplace of human ancestor of the Chinese nation Fuxi and Nuwa, and as one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization, the ancient "Silk Road" Gansu section, because of its special geographical environment, the long-standing history and culture remains make Gansu province listed one of big cultural relics provinces in the country.
Yellow River Stegodon(national collection)
Yellow River Stegodon

The Yellow River is the cradle of the Chinese nation and it is one of the great ancient civilizations. The Yellow River culture formed on the basis of the basin of the Yellow River civilization brilliant Neolithic culture.

Head shape sculpture vase (national collection)

Head shape sculpture vaseSpiral grain flat bottle

Spiral grain flat bottle, 4800 year old, the frame positioned the origin center, showed the impetuous waves of the Yellow River, which is a rare ancient works of art.

Stripes cover band color pottery
Stripes cover band color pottery
The atmosphere of the dim lights led me pass through time and space to the hustle and bustle of the Silk Road. The exploration and development of the Silk Road, a blend of eastern and western cultures and collision left countless resplendent and magnificent history and culture art treasures in Gansu, revealed a splendid ancient civilization
Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow (national collection)
Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow is an art's masterpiece combined cast copper and sculpture in the eastern Han dynasty, which represents the highest art achievement during the eastern Han dynasty. Flump a foot of the horse, the little swallows bearing and can be horizontal, reflects the designer's unique. Horses and swallow has fluent line and is well-proportioned, and the dynamic performance of galloping and flying is incisive and vivid, vividly embodies the moment of horse is gallop while swallow is scrambling. It is the poetic masterpiece through the ages in combination of realism and romanticism.
Horse Stepping on Flying Swallow
Because of the reason of Dunhuang, Gansu Provincial Museum has opened up a special buddhist culture exhibition. Buddha and two bodhisattvas (national collection) that collected in Wuwei ladder mountain grottoes
Leaving Gansu Provincial Museum we traveled to the Yellow River Custom Tourist Line.

First stop is the Yellow River Mother Sculpture
Lanzhou is the only city that the Yellow River pass through, so called the Yellow River as mother should not be overstated.

Yellow River Mother Sculpture

10 minutes walking distance to the Waterwheel Park

Water wheel has a long history and peculiar shape, originated in the Ming dynasty, is the oldest irrigation tool of the ancient Yellow River waterfront in Lanzhou city. Lanzhou waterwheel, also known as "crown block", "rollover" in the southern bank of the Yellow River, during water season it used natural water flow to rotate; during dry season used cofferdam to divert and gather water, through a small canal between weirs, the river flow automatically to rotate the waterwheel. But now the Yellow River waterwheel only left for sightseeing function
Waterwheel Park
The Water Mosque across the Yellow River

Water Mosque

Walking 10 minutes to Zhongshan Iron Bridge

Zhongshan Bridge was built in 1907 (33th year of Guangxu Period of Qing dynasty), which is the oldest ancient bridge in Lanzhou, and it is the first real bridge of the 5464km long Yellow River, therefore it has a laudatory title of “the First Bridge of the Yellow River”.
Zhongshan Bridge
Today, the sightseeing value, history value and value of cultural relics of Zhongshan bridge is more important than its transport value and become the most remarkable attraction of Yellow River Tourist Line.

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