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The Lake in my dream — Lugu Lake

Post Time: Jun 26 2009 By Janet Chan

I went there around one month before. No matter how busy I am, I need to write something for it. Its name is Lugu Lake.

Lugu Lake is a mysterious place in each Chinese’s mind. During my childhood, I heard of it from some magazines, the strange wedding culture, the pure blue lake water, is hovering in my brain, until last month, I have chance to get close to it finally.

The road from Lijiang to Lugu Lake is dramatically mountainous, if without the fantastic view along the ways, I am sure I can’t bear with the bumpy road. 7 hours, that’s really exhausted. When I finally stood in front of the lake, all my complaint was gone out. It worthy, it did worthy you to endure so much uncomfortable and get to her hug!

When we reached our guesthouse in Lige Village, I still can’t restrain my exciting. Lugu Lake, the view is so stunning. I never see so pure water, blue sky, fresh air, quiet village, all is impressed.

After we enjoyed the BBQ in the local restaurant, drink with the boss, joined the Mosuo dance performance, we went back to our guesthouse. The balcony is facing the lake, no TV set, no other entertainment, but with full of the flashed star on the sky. I never feel so close to the star, so many stars, just like you could get one of them by your hand.

Because we do not have so much time, so we can’t walk around the lake, we rent a small coach. Travel around the Lake, we could stop to take photos at anywhere we like. Although I have took above 100 photos, I still feel that I can’t put all the beautiful views in my camera.

When we reach Zhaojiawan Village which is belong to Sichuan Province but not Yunnan, the lake show us different kinds of blue, thirsty blue, dark blue. I sit on the shore of the lake, can’t imagine I have to leave her one day later.

Lugu Lake, is a really fairyland in China. Not easy to get there, no easy to leave there. I will back one day, I visited many places in China, it’s the only place I would like to travel again.

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Janet Chan

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