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Bamboo Raft Cruise from Xingping to Yangdi

Post Time: Jun 29 2009 By Daniel Mo

I was born and bred in one of the best touristy cites, Guilin, and of course, had many chances to appreciate the spectacular sceneries on the Li River while cruising. It was very lucky of me, but after years, sharing with other tourists and taking photos on the sundeck on the cruise makes me feel no passion. Even worse, I became to think the Li River look impressive but worthless. However, an unexpected trip makes me change my mind, and it inspires me a creative way for a special Li River cruise tour. And here we go!

Last weekends, I went back to my hometown, Xingping, to stay with my parents. After being introduced, I noted there are many bamboo rafts on the riverside, and lots of tourists were preparing to get on it.

This is where we get started!

The weather was cloudy and the sceneries must be much better on the sunny day~


The Bamboo raft tour takes 1 hour an a half, then return to Xingping after arriving at the Nine Horse Hills, which is the best section on the Li River.



A photo focuses on the Bamboo raft. The bamboo rafts were actually made of plastic tubes painted white and equip with an outboard motor. The rafter can control the speed actually at the back.


The most excited thing is that you can even rest on anywhere available and the bamboo raft will stop at the bank or ferry for you to touch the hills, which is absolutely not impossible while taking the normal cruises!!!



Aha, it is me just stopped at an unknown ferry and the background is the famous Yellow Cloth Shoal! Have you seen the reflection?! (Although it is not very clear > <)


This is the bamboo raft I take~



There are three cane lounge chairs, which were very comfortable. Maximally, it allows 6 people on the raft.


We are on the way to the Nine Horses Hill! Can you see the hill to a distance? ^-^



Actually, there are many water buffalos at the bank or swimming in the river, but this one is well decorated for business purpose ~ Poor buffalos ~



Because I needed to go back to Guilin in the afternoon, I requested the rafter to deliver me to Yangdi, where I can take the bus back home. It takes around one hour more and finally I caught up with the bus back to Guilin! ~ What is a lovely and memorable brand-new Li River trip! ~ 

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