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Shopping in Kunming No.1 Chajie Flower Market

Post Time: Dec 02 2011 By Tina Chan

No. 1 Chajie Flower Market is the famous flower market in Kunming downtown. This market is not in a large scale but you can buy what ever flowers you want in a very cheap price.
The No.1 Chajie Flower Market is close to the airport and bus station and it only takes you about RMB20 to get to the flower market. There are many snack food store and rice noodle restaurant opposite to the flower market. On the second flour of the market is a Karaoke Club.
You can spend your whole day here for shopping, eating and entertaining.
The tips for buying cheap and good flowers in the market is never make your decision at your first target. You need to shop around the market and compare from each store, then you may find out there are better and cheaper flower compared with your first target.

Except for the tourist, there are many locals and frequent buyers come to the No.1 Chajie Flower Market. And the best choice is to follow the locals!
Lily is very popular and cheap here, about RMB20-25 for a bunch of lilies. It’s not suitable to transport by flight.

The above beautiful flower is also very commend, but I really don’t know it’s name.

The blue rose, which is the white roses have been dyed blue to produce a blue appearance. This kind of flower is also very cheap here.

Colorful Yunan (also named Qicai Yunnan) a kind of local beautiful flower in Kunming. Aren’t they lovely?

Dried flower is also available here, it’s expensive than the flower but easy to transfer.

perfume satchel, very cheap (RMB10 for 4 satchels) The fragrance is heavy but you can put it in your wardrobe or somewhere else
In the early morning, you can find many wedding cars park in front of flower shop waiting to be dressed up. The advantage of getting married in Kunming is that you can fill the beautiful flowers as many as you want with a very low price. I really want to stay there as long as I can to enjoy the beauty of flower there.

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