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My Village, My Childhood

Post Time: August 15,2010 By Sophie Huang

I went home yesterday because of uncle’s birthday. Even though working place is not far from hometown, I rarely go back this year. I was born in a small village, which is located on about 50 km North of Guilin. People here lived by
traditional farming (planting rice) when I was young, but people become rich by planting grape now.
The grapevine is covered by plastic film.
When I walked along the road of this village, it seems I came back to my paradise. All childhood memory sprang up. After school, we often did not go back home directly, because we had many fun in the field. Sometimes, we picked wild flowers; Sometimes, we searched wild herbs, such as medlar sprout(Gouqicai), which was a delicious dish for dinner; Sometimes, we went swimming.

There are 2 rivers along my village. One is man-made for rice fields’ irrigation, and the other is natural, which is also the upper stream of Li River. Almost all children here can swim. The river is we children’s paradise, where we can go swimming (sometimes diving), fishing, rafting, ect. During summer holiday, we can stay in the river for all day. You do not worry you will get hungry, because food is just nearby. You can catch fish; you can go to dig some sweet potatoes from the field. Peanut is also waiting for you.


Yesterday, we went the river bank with my cousins and nephew. Although some riverbeds are destroyed by digging and exploring sand , children’s paradise has never been changed.


Tyre swimming ring is still used.   Clean and clear water, beautiful mood, cool summer. It is really a nice day. The pity is that I found I was not in any picture as a photographer.





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