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Cooking beside the Li River

Post Time: August 15,2010 By Daniel Mo

Last week, my friends, colleague and I went to my hometown, Xingping for weekends. The plan was originally to appreciate the Li River and of course jump into it and swim. The experience was so good actually, but one new idea when we saw the Li River was came up with our mind – Why not cook at the bank of Li River?! This creative thought had made this trip an unbeatable and fantastic one. By the way, I like cooking :)
This was the place we choose and very good location without sunshine. Good for girls :) We got up around 8 a.m. and get everything prepared around 0930 a.m. We were so excited and looking forwards to it. The view was also breathtaking!
We went out to find some fire woods, and got the stove ready. The fire was on and we began to cook! These were the pictures showing the first step. What was inside the boiler? The answer is Rice! Nice look, isn’t it?

The main course was the tomato with chicken! We fried the chicken into golden color first with a pan, and then we put all tomatoes, peppers and gingers into the boiler and made all sauces come out. Smell good :)
After the tomatoes were well cooked, we put the chicken into the boiler and mix them together. After several minutes, we added some waters into it (Farmers’ Mountain Spring, tastes a little sweatJ). The procedure was very simple but I liked this dish so much. Although this was the first time I tried to cook it, I have confidence in our teamwork :)
Then we wait, wait and wait. After around 20 minutes, I opened the cover and everybody was so excited to see what they saw at that monument. The look was good, smell was good, and the last step was to make the tastes good :)
This was very successful and enjoyable time to all of us, and thanks to everyone’s hard work, we finally made it. Of course, we will not leave any rubbish behind to make our lovely Li River dirty. Here we are! See you next time :)

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