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My 5 Days Trip to Sanya

Post Time: Apr 29 2015 By Vanessa Li

Frankly I was originally having no feeling of Sanya, I was thinking that the sea of Sanya is not so clear as some islands of Southern Asia, and I don't think the sky is blue as in Tibet, one of the most bad impressions is that there are a lot of bad evaluations about rip off. And the reason I initially chose Sanya, it is because the problem of certificate so I cannot choose outbound tourism. But then after arrived in Sanya, I feel changed, here really let a person enchanted.
My Schedule:
Day 1: My flight departs at 8 o’clock and arrives in Sanya more than 11 o’clock. After having a rest, I go to the market in the afternoon.
Day 4: Going to the Fairyland in the morning and to the Yarlong Bay in the afternoon.
Day 5: My flight is in the noon so I prepare to return in the morning.
This tour to Sanya is short, but I am very happy and enjoying many delicious foods and taking many beautiful photos.

I arrive in Sanya at noon, I planned to go to the seaside for a walk in the afternoon, but under this kind of weather I don't think is suitable for the sea, but is more suited to seafood. Then I follow the travel guide I seen before, I go to a market. Where I live, there is a bus no.8, after passing several stops can reach the market, very convenient.
Sanya Seafood

Seafood is bought in a seafood market. I buy crab, razor clam, sea urchins, mango conch, bean corner, coconut rice. Mango conch is my favorite, it is very cheap but very tasteful. Razor clam is also very good. This meal costs a total of 210 yuan, in addition to buy a jar of the freshly squeezed mango juice, the mango flavor is heavy and is very great! First meal in Hainan is very satisfied.

After having dinner, I buy some small accessories in the stall of night market. I buy a hairpin, necklace, and the purple blue skirt, so tourists who do not bring adequate clothes and jewelry, don't worry, you can find many articles here.
 Sanya Pedestrain

The second day I visit to Yalong Bay National Forest Park in the morning. And in the afternoon the original plan is going to Yalong bay, but because of the bad weather, we go to The Ends of the Earth.
 Yalong Bay National Forest Park

Looking down from the hill is the Yalong Bay beach, which should be very beautiful scenery, but due to the weather, I can’t see any views clearly. It doesn't matter, the most important of traveling is the mood. 
Yalong Bay beach

In the scenic area there are sightseeing cars, taking a ride for a round is 20 yuan. I was thinking that is a short journey so I didn’t take a ride, but it is not, it is quite a long way. I am taking pictures all the way and moving slow as a turtle, which cause I am unable to completely visit The Ends of the Earth. But because it is the first day of travel, I am very happy.
Yalong Bay sightseeing cars
The sand of The Ends of the Earth is yellow, and most of them are coarse sand that is uncomfortable, so recommending not putting your bare foot on the sand. The sea water is clear but not so much blue.
After a day of travel, I don't see the beautiful scenery as expected due to the bad weather. I shouldn’t have a bad day so I go to eat seafood in the same place as yesterday.
The most expecting day is coming, visiting to Wuzhizhou Island!
I set out from the hotel at 9 o’clock, the sun comes out for a few minutes to give us a little hope of good weather and then hide in the clouds and disappear to disappoint us. The sea of Wuzhizhou Island is so clear, and the beach is white and soft.
Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island
On the third day, I go to the Fairyland, the sea here is different. There are coconut trees, the wind, shadow, and the lighthouse in the distance. Afternoon I go to Yalong Bay, and my Sanya trip finally appeared sun and the water originally is not very clear looks blue under the sun.

the Fairyland

the Fairyland

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