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Lost into my own small world - Yunnan Dali Shuanglang Village

Post Time: Nov 05 2012 By Vanessa Li

Shuanglang, located in Yunnan Dali, is a seven-kilometer long small village around the Erhai Lake. Generations of Bai people have lived here who regard this village as the peach garden which is far from the madding crowd, but the most people who have found here and lived here are those artists. Their arrival makes this place more fantasy and unique.

A day in Shuanglang Village is lazy, simple, but full of all sorts of small emotional appeal. Early in the morning, awoken by the cat; open the pane and breathe a gulp of pure and fresh air coming from the Erhai Lake; use a cup of herbal tea to awaken your relaxed mood; listen to the quiet water of Erhai Lake; a beautiful day begins.

During the morning time, I shuttled back and forth the little lane in Shuanglang Village and stepped into many stores with little emotional appeal. I bought a national dress including clothes, shoes and jewelry to render my leisure and comfortable mood. 

During the afternoon, the village shines with strong sunshine, you can hid in a romantic and comfortable dessert shop to be in a daze or chat, enjoy your dessert, eat the crisp egg tart.

I went to the small pond to appreciate the flowers and grass; wondered about those walls which are embedded with shells; took photos of the pure, fresh and elegant painting wall; put on the new dress and took photos in the side of the Erhai Lake...

My favourite moment here was the sunset time. I sat comfortably on the balcony of the inn, extended the limbs, or close my eyes to keep repose, or open my eyes and see this never get bored reading Erhai Lake and clouds. Looking at the sky slowly dark, looking at the village lights and stars slowly light, I still sat quietly on the balcony, thinking about my happiness and sadness; then lost into my own small world.


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