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Kashgar – a memorable city

Post Time: Oct 10 2011 By Daniel Mo

Ancient city, Kashgar, is a splendid place. I was heard of Kashgar when I was young. Because it is the place that my grandpa lived before and also my mother was born there, I had very strong will to visit Kashgar in my life time. I believe Kashgar is the place with lots of stories, and I am also addicted to the culture and custom in Kashgar. I want to travel to Kashgar!
Aimed to pick up my father's childhood and have a new view of the world, we choose TCT china travel agency to provide us lots of useful suggestions on this Kashgar tour.
South Xinjiang is different with the north. It remains the same since Silk Road, different customs, people, yellow desert, etc in this magic Kashgar. They have different faith, cultures, and it will make you feel like in a different world! Listening to the people talking on the street, and the language which you hardly understand, I felt so amazing.

When I arrived in Kashgar, it was the month of Ramadan. I was so lucky to meet this special event. The Moslem in Kashgar will not eat or drink anything when the day getting light, and it shows the loyalty to their faith.
Nang is the most common food in Xinjiang. I was told by my mother when I was young, that the local people would make a hole in the field and fire the woods to wood coal. Then they would put the already-made cake in the hole and stick to the wall. The Nang will be ready for a while and it taste very good and crispy. When I tour in Xinjiang, the coolest thing must be traveling in the desert, looking sands running against me, and I was there with one hand holding Nang, another hand holding Hami melon…
The most convenience of Nang must be easy to store. It will be fine for one week in hot weather, and one month in the cold season. I am thinking it maybe only the rule in south of Xinjiang since the air is very dry.
Nang is also one of the most important food for the Uyghur, similar to rice for us. And I saw lots of people on the street carrying a large basket of Nang.
I also traveled to Morocco, and maybe because of same faith to Muslim, they look similar in some degree. The life style of people in Kashgar is also very interesting. You can hardly see Uyghur dining outside in the day time in the restaurant, expect for the restaurant for Han people. Sometimes, I wonder how they can lead a life without eating and drinking but only with strong faith.

Vendor was selling lambs in the market

Things that looked like ice-cream were selling. I suppose it was cream. The vendor could not speak mandarin very well so that I could not know what it is finally.

Vendors of Xinjiang Snacks

A man who was on the road to his home with dinner                         Little girl with her meal

Traditional vendor in Xinjiang

Stall of baked corn. Wow, a good appetite when saw it!

Children didn’t have much idea about the faith. They only knew that it was forbidden to drink and eat when the sun rose in this moth (the month of Ramadan). They were sitting along the street and seeing the passer-bys boringly.
When the night came, vendors would appear to sell food. Many restaurants were also in their preparation stage for diners. Among them, the nigh market in Kashgar City may be the most prosperous one.
It was a nigh market of Uygur. And we, three Han ethnic people, were strolling in this market and experienced strange views from Uygur people. But all of us were happy to enjoy these snacks.

Frightened lamb’s head

Face of Cattles

Feet of Sheep

Icy Milk

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