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Hong Kong Dragon's Back - the most beautiful city hiking trails in Asia

Post Time: Oct 18 2013 By Vicky Lu

Hong Kong Dragon Back trail had been recognized as selected as best urban hiking trails in Asia by "the Times" (Asia Edition). Unlike Hong Kong's MacLehose Trail, Wilson Trail and the Lantau Trail three hiking trails in this city, which can be hiking with considerable difficulty, Dragon's Back is easy to hike. Dragon Back is the last section of Hong Kong Trail. Mountains is ups and downs on the way, is just like dragon bone ridge being prostrate on the mountain. That is why it gets its name Dragon Back. Along the way you can enjoy the South China Sea, Shek O, Big Wave Bay, Stanley and Tai Tam and other beautiful mountain and sea views.

Hong Kong Trail is one of the four famous hiking trails in Hong Kong. It is located in Hong Kong Island and used as a hiking trail in 1985. A total length of it is 50 kilometers. It is divided into eight sections. Starting location is in the top of the Lufeng Peak, and the end was at Big Wave Bay. Dragon Back is actually the eighth paragraph of Hong Kong Trail. It takes about five hours to hike, a distance of about 8.5 km.

As our hiking team is a kind of professional. It is too easy for us to hike a distance of 8.5 km at Dragon Back. In order to increase a certain degree of difficulty, when we walk in the section of the Dragon Back, we decided to walk the sixth and seventh sections Hong Kong Trail. That means we hike the last three section of Hong Kong Trail. Hong Kong Trail is the shortest of the four hiking trails with a length of 50 km. And it is the easiest hiking trail.

If you want to have a easily walk at Dragon Back and take a relaxed walking pictures, you can ride directly to the Dragon's Back Bay Station and start to hike. 

To start hiking, we have to go through the first section of Mount Parker Road Trail. The distance is about 4 km but the view is not so beautiful. There are small uphill on the road. And then we walked to a small viewing platform and see the Island Trail signs. It means we have go into the sixth paragraph of Hong Kong Trail.

On the hill we could get a overlooking of Hong Kong city. And then we gradually got into the mountains. Because this path is very flat, there are many elderly people here and toilets, as well as picnic camp, but there is no drinking water and food supply, so before departure, you need to bring enough food.

Upon entering the seventh paragraph of Hong Kong Trail, suddenly it is bright in the front. We could see the sea here. The bay is Hong Kong's Tai Tam. Except for many yachts, there are many people here doing water skiing. The speedboat pulls water skiers at the ea, which draws an arc of white road to the dark green sea.

Walk forward, then we saw a sign reading “Tudi Wan Station”, and there is a small sea beach down there. If it were in summer, the scenery would be very beautiful here. We toke many photos at this place. 

And then we reached the Dragon Back. It is along the ridge of a beautiful hiking trail. The plants on both sides are growing very well. And you can see the distant sea while walking. We passed through a high-lying small col, and here's a little plain. The plain is not only a good place for flying kite, but also a hot site to having jump paragliding.

We had to put on the clothes walking on the section, because it is a little cold here. 

When we reach the final site - Big Wave Bay, we taste the delicious food there and had a cup of tea. And then we go to enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

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