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Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge

Post Time: Jan 13 2010 By Daniel Mo

In December, year 2007, cold winter, we started our inspection trip to Yunan. Regretfully we didn't come in the best season, but we had no regrets when we were back. All of us had great time: we had good memories of dancing with local people around the fire camp in the Xmas Eve, walking through the most peaceful Potatso National Park, being sprayed at night by Dali people using atomizer (we never know what's inside...and never want to know)...too many things to tick off... But to me, the most memorable experience must be hiking through the Tiger Leaping Gorge... Unluckily the two girls would not like to join me, so I had to plan it on my own. I know it was cold...
Due to the limited of time, and I found out I had to spend at least 2 days for the hiking, therefore, I split with the two girls upon arriving in Lijiang from Shangri-la. The girls gave me only 1 day and I promised to meet them the next day afternoon in Lijiang Old Town (They would do the inspection trip there). I know it was tough and totally had no idea of what I would face for... After saying goodbye to my colleagues, I got on the coach to Qiaotou (it is on the half way to Shangri-la, yes, I hardly killed myself when I recognized that I had just been here 2 hours ago and didn't get off.)
It was already late afternoon when I arrived at Qiaotou. (How time flies when I talked with a beautiful girl sitting next to me ^) After finding the direction, I started to get into the upper Tiger Leaping Gorge. So excited! And I must be hurry up! The sky was getting dark and I kept walking on...The map shows that there is a guesthouse not far away... only around 6 km ahead... After half an hour, I found nothing, nobody, but a road in front of me... and I gradually recognized I missed and the guesthouse should be above me somewhere on the mountain, and I was totally wrong and walked on the main road all the time! P.S. It was already Evening, and only moonlights...
Have you seen my location? Yes, I was in the bus station for tourists visiting the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and I had to be on my foot now... 'Get back and climb on the mountain?' 'No Way!' I was fighting inside my heart and finally I comforted myself that it would be much safer if I walked on the main road... The worst thing I thought it would be midnight when I found somewhere to stay. No sooner than I started to go ahead, a car was passing by. Firstly I subconsciously gave way to the car but not to seize this chance to save me out... Luckily, the driver might think that I was poor and lonely, silly (maybe), and positively asked me if he could drive me to the place (Maybe he thought me I had a plan or something). I was afraid in the beginning, but who can I rely on on this silence road?! I finally got on the car bravely (I admitted I was still a little bit afraid > <).
The car kept going and I hardly had no idea where we were heading for. I felt like I was being kidnaped. (In fact the driver was very kind and heart-warming!). The driver was the first to broke the ice and asked me about my plan. I answered naively that I was planing to hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge. After several minitues talking, I found out this driver was very familiar with this area and told me that I was on the main road now. (I realized that too) He pointed the way on the montain and showed me the path to hike, although it was full of darkness outside. And suggested me go back the next day and hike from the beginning. (I would love to, but I need to go back to Lijiang as soon as possible.) He said the path above my head now was the elite section for the hiking and it was the most beautiful scene while overlooking the Tiger Leaping Gorge on the top of the montain!
After 30 minutes drive, we arrived a place which the driver called it home. He asked me if I would like to stay there. I actually began to trust the driver after the talking all the way long with him, and afterall, he was the only one I could trust at that time being. The place was actually kind of a guesthouse, named Teacher Zhang’s Home. (I found out the place was very famous on web for the packers afterwards.) The condition was so so, but the price was really cheap, only 50 RMB per night! And at the lobby there was a handmade map showed the hiking route for the entire Tiger Leaping Gorge!
After seeing the map, I realized that I arrived the middle section, and missed the upper one, which was supposed to the most beautiful section. What a pity! Anyway, I was safe and should felicitate myself. That night was lovely, I met other two beautiful girls at the restaurant. They were the staff and told me I was the only guest that night…. The dinner for the local food was amazing anyhow.
I got up very earlier on the next day, and encouraged myself that I could manage to meet my colleagues at the pointed time and place. When I moved out, I found I was the last one to wake up… The path I would go was much difference that the one I missed. In other words, I would go down and touch the Tiger Leaping Gorge other than overlooking them on the top of the mountain. How excited I was! (I always comforted myself this way.)
Hereunder shows some pictures while hiking with illustrations:
Just few mintues walk from Teacher Zhang's Home, I could see the river from a distance, and I could not wait to get close to it!
The picture took on the half way, and I kept going down without any stop. When I looked up, I just realized that what the path was really like, and it was extremely steepy!
This is the so called bridge, I had to came across. It looks dangerous, but at that time, I was only care about the Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Almost, almost there!
Hi Tiger Leapking Gorge, here I am!
The misery of traveling alone... Nobody to take photo for me and I could only do it by myself. Big face photo~
To be continued...

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