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Experience Namcha Barwa the Great Mountain

Post Time: Apr 23 2012 By Vanessa Li

Namcha Barwa, or Namjagbarwa, is a legendary mountain with a height of 7,785 meters above sea level. It is the 15th tallest mountain of the world with a haze mist wrapped triangle-shaped, which covered by pure white snow all the year round. It is also one of the most beautiful mountains in China.

Owning to its height and special geographical condition, Namcha Barwa, in Tibetan language means “the war spear pierces into the sky”. It kept its record as the highest unclimbed independent mountain in the world until 1992 conquered by a Sino-Japanese mountaineering expedition.

It was a long way to go to approach this beautiful mountain. The mountainside road was winding, varied shaped snow mountains, every now and then, came to our sight, and been mistaken as the very mountain we were eager to meet. 

Finally, its grand triangle peak burst upon our sight, though still a distance away.

Look, it’s coming closer and closer~ The most beautiful Namcha Barwa that covered by pure white snow, was shinning under the sunshine. 

Namcha Barwa and the sutra streamers 

I’ve got the idea why the local people called it “the war spear pierces into the sky”. Its majestic figure stood out steadily, set against the blue sky.

We were so lucky that could get a so clear view of this mountain.

It’s said that one who can see the mountain clearly without wrapping mist, he/she is blessed and will enjoy good fortune for a whole year. As more often that not, clouds would gather above the peak, clear days therefore are thought to be a blessing.

Take a closer look of the misting Namcha Barwa 

Admonition carved on the rock 

Another rock that carved with admonition in different colors. It seemed that around the mountain area, there were several rocks, like this one, that were selected to carried the admonition carving. 

Delegate pictures painted on the rock 

Aadmonition and Buddha pictures 

the war spear pierces into the sky 

When the Brahmaputra River approaches this mountain, it turns abruptly and break through the Himalayas in great gorges and into Arunachal Pradesh (India).

Suddenly the wind blown up, we could see the fog of snow was dancing on the mountain 

Soon, the snow fog wrapped the peak. Namcha Barwa wore its mask again. 

The brother-mountain Gala Bailei Peak

Fog covered Namcha Barwa was bathing on the remaining light of the setting sun

The scared mountain and the bright moon

Namcha Barwa and the morning light. The sun broke up the mist


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