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Expansion Activity for Team Building by the Qingshitan Lake

Post Time: Jun 17 2011 By Sophie Huang

“Team” is a term to describe a group of people who are willing to help, believe and understand each other when in a project or for a same goal. Top China Travel had a day in Qingshitan (Green Lion Pond) in Guilin for the exciting expansion activity designed to strengthen the unity of a team. Got rid of the tired working day, it was a short China holiday for all staff in TCT.


After about 40 minutes driving from Guilin City, we arrived in our destination – Song Lake Holiday Resort and Meeting Center in Qingshitan. From the landscape in this resort, I thought it is an ideal place for not only having business tour but also spending China holidays. It was a fairy land for us to savor the natural scenery in Guilin. The quiet lake just looked like a clean mirror which reflected the picturesque surroundings and connected with the sky in the horizon.
In the morning, we had our company meeting. The topics of this meeting were
How to build up a more united team
How to reach the effective communication during working time
Half-year tour guides working summary meeting

After a two-hour meeting, each team in Top China Travel had expressed their opinions on the united team building topic. Trying to think what each other’s thoughts; believing your teammates all the time; and communicating with each other when finding puzzles or difficulties, these three points could be tips for us in future works.
In the afternoon, Top China Travel joined in a series expansion activities designed for team building. All activities were focus on a word – unity.
What I leaned from these activities can be summarized in two sentences:
The power of a team is always stronger than the strength of a person.
Also a mistake of a person is a false of a team.

We are a young team and we still have a large room to develop. So team building activities for Top China Travel just likes the water and fertilizers for the plant. We believe one thing – all of us are proud to be a part of TCT and all of us are willing to contribute to this team all the time!

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