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Tapping your tongue with extremely delicious Guilin snacks

Post Time: July 08,2011 By Sophie Huang

If you are a person who is fond of eating, this article will be your guide to find what to eat in Guilin. If you plan your China holiday in Guilin, this article will also be your guide to explore the lanes or streets will food. Besides those well-decorated restaurants and impressive cafes, some extremely delicious snacks only can be found along the street or lanes.

Here I will introduce my favorite Guilin’s snacks. 
Zongzi: Zongzi is very common in Guilin. But this snack may be one of the most popular food among Guilin people. It is made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves.
There are some tastes of Zongzi, while they can be divided into three kinds: the salty one, the sweet one, and the original one. I prefer to eat the salty Zongzi, because the stuffs of this kind are usually meat and egg. And the sweet Zongzi also has lots of fans because the material used to stuffed is generally bean mash. And the original one is made without any taste so that diner can tip any sauce on the Zongzi according to their favorite taste. Soy sauce and sugar may be two recommended intergradient for your DIY Zongzi.

Water Chestnut Cake (Ma Ti Gao): For children, this snack may be their favorite because of the “Q” taste. Main materials of this food are rice flour, black sugar powder, water chestnut powder and sesame. It tastes sweet. Suitable for all seasons to eat.
Water Chestnut Cake  Glutinous Rice Ball
Glutinous Rice Ball (Muo Mi Fan): This is my favorite breakfast since my childhood. It is simple to make. Just rolling the glutinous rice as a ball shape, mixing some cubing carrots, cubing ham, cubing meat, and some hot pepper if you prefer a hot taste. The soft and well mixing taste make it always popular with generation to generation.


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