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Discover the mystery Zhangbi Ancient Castle

Post Time: Nov 14 2012 By Vanessa Li

Friends love traveling barely had any who haven’t been to Shanxi. Most of them travel to Shanxi with friends or colleagues. My journey to Shanxi was also with my college schoolmates. For this journey, except for some famous attractions, we also went to some mysterious spots which were very impressive to us.
Right on the Shanxi Trip
Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle  

Zhangbi Ancient Castle
Starting from Jiexiu, we charted a car to Zhangbi Village. The entrance ticket to the castle is 20 CNY/P.
And than followed the guide, we began to unveil the mystery of this ancient castle.
Zhangbi Ancient Castle-China’s ancient military castle

Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle
According to our guide’s introduction, Zhangbi Ancient Castle is located in the Zhangbi Village in Longfeng Town, Shanxi Province. It is the state-level cultural relic protection units, one of the "Chinese top ten charming ancient towns"; also is the second batch of selected "China's historical and cultural name village”.  
Its city and old castle upper the ground; and underground "myriametre Great Wall" are the most of the world. It is an ancient pocket castle melting military, living, production and religion in the integration.
Military defense system of the Castle
Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle
Who picked this placed to built a castle? Why it is named Khan Temple? We walked in the castle with questions.  
The Khan Temple was built by Liu Wuzhou, who was honored with the title Khan when he surrounded to Turk Groups. According to the traditional view of ancient China, the act of Liu Wuzhou should be spurned by people, but the story of Liu Wuzhou was memorized by people, which I could not figure out why and the guide also could not explain.
Big Stage
Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle 
It is seemed that people did not just judge a guy by political reasons. And during the Great Culture Revelation, people did not destroy the temple. The ancient castle has been preserved quite well for over 1300 years. 
Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle
Later back to the hotel, I checked the reason. I found the answer which I thought should be right. The reason why people came to live in Jiang Village was for hiding from the wall, such as Zhangbi, Songbi, Qingbi were these kind of villages here.  

Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle
The underground construction under the castle has 3 layers with rational and clever layout. There are checkpoints, air vent, grain stores and caves for resting and ambushing, the general’s cave dwelling and other functional caves.
Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle  
If there was no guide, I thought I could not walk out the underground castle, and many place I was afraid to go, because no lights here. During the Anti-Japanese War, Japan’s soldiers found the entrance of the underground caves but they were afraid to enter the dark caves, they shot in from the outside and then sealing the entrance with cement. They did not ruin the temple because they believed in Buddhism.

Travel to Shanxi Zhangbi Ancient Castle

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