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Post Time: Dec 23 2010 By Janet Chan

Yes, you are right, what I am writing is Daniel, Daniel Mo. 

First sight when I met him was in the interview of our department in 2006. He wore a light blue coat and a glass with a dark blue frame, like a Korean Star. When he said good bye to me, my manager just kidding nearby: Janet, I would keep this guy for you.

As he promised, Daniel joined our team and worked as a sales representative, sit on my left side. He is a clever boy, the time he used to get familiar with the business is the shortest which I never seem. So quick, he became an excellent sales representative, it nearly makes us forgot that he is a good actor. Everyone in our company remember the monkey guy which he acted in the annual party. Quite pity, that’s the unique chance till now which Daniel showed his talent in performance to us. Indeed, I believe his stage could be larger.

We work together for 4 years already. Now, we know each other, even an eyesight, I know what he want to say. I like to work as his partner, because he would never make me upset, he is always with creative idea and energetic power. When we product the video at the time our good friend Erica quit, we check the semi-finished video again and again, tears slip down from our cheek from time to time. When we were voted to be the host of our annual party, during prepared the games for our team, both of us laughed loudly when we think that we could play tricks on the attendants. When I talked to him seriously in the daytime, “Hey, Daniel, you were late again in the working hour!” we could drink like nothing happened in the evening in the BBQ.

But everyone knows he is not a perfect man, he is a sleepy head. Each time, when he sent me text message “sorry, Janet, I am late again, I hate myself”, I want to scream “ I hate you too! ” If clock is helpful, I would present 10 clocks to him. But it won’t help if there is no clock in his mind.

Daniel is a guy with good temper, he could accept from A to Z, different kinds of person. Even sometimes I am rude to him, he never get angry with me. And he is a good chef as well, a chef only with one taste – Spicy! If he does not want to do that thing, you talk A with him, he would analyze the difference between B and C for you. But if he decide to do one thing, he could give up sleeping – the habit which he would keep if he only could have one. He is keen at driving, cooking, singing, playing video game and etc, he is always with passionate when he wake up.

Some colleagues you would only say “ Hi ” to them when you met each other after retired, but I think I would play Taichi together with Daniel on the opposite street of CITS Mansion when we retired, “ Wo Si Yi Zhang Gong, Zhan Si Yi Ke Song….”

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