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Chongqing & Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Post Time: Sep 07 2009 By Daniel Mo

Last year, I was lucky to attend the annual China Chongqing Three Gorges International Travel Festival, and had a very exciting cruise trip on the Yangtze River! We also had a great chance to appreciate the economic center on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, Chongqing! I would like to illustrate what I experienced with day by day itinerary!
Day 01 Arrive at Chongqing
Actually, the first day should be very special as the dinner was arranged in the Hong ya Cave. Unfortunately, we were not able to catch up with it due to the flight delayed :(
Day 02 Chongqing – Dazu – Chongqing
We missed the welcome dinner, but would never miss today’s tour. As what we told, Dazu Rock caving is the masterpiece of Chinese exquisite grotto art, so we were very expecting for it. It took around 1.5-2 hours on the road, and finally we got there at 11:00 a.m.
Let's have a general idea about the Dazu Rock Carvings first. It’s stated:
The World Heritage Committee has inscribed THE DAZU ROCK CARVING on the World Heritage List!
The Dazu Rock Carving contains several parts, and the one we inspected was Bao Ding Shan, which was highly recommended. Baodingshan Rock Carvings is grand and magnificent, and the statues along with inscriptions which extend 500 meters long exhibit nothing but an unfolded and coherent picture scroll. These statuary figures, no one identical to the other have long been a marvelous creation even excelling nature by showing originality and ingenuity. The works at Baodingshan are marked for the Buddhism of her humans exoteric and endemic characteristics. Which is regarded "Chinese pure and simple".
The Rock Caving was amazing, and seems without ends. You could walk along the mountain, and the carving was everywhere!
Chiefly statute of the "Buddhist World", Dazu Rock Carvings is unique in that Taoist and Confucianism statuary figures are also included. Although I had little knowledge of Taoism, I am deeply impressed by the masterpieces of our ancestors. The visiting takes around 1 hour and we drove back to Chongqing city.
In the afternoon, we had a change to see the newly-built three gorges museum, which we got general information about the histories and culture of Yangtze River before our cruise tour started. It was really worthy of the visiting as you would know more about your next 4 days cruise tour and expect for more besides the unique sightseeing. Below is the exterior of the Three Gorges Museum.
The museum contains several parts, and you can also watch the 3D films about the Yangtze River past and the future. The picture shows the precious rocks found along the three gorges.Some of the halls are not allowed to photograph, so I got very few photos inside. However, the museum was high recommended while you are in Chongqing and was going to take the cruise tour. Outside, you can see the people’s square just opposite to the three gorges museum.
In the evening, a wonderful moment was coming, and we were about to get on the Cruise. I just could not hide my feeling, so exited! The cruise we would get on is the 5* New Century Cruises, which is newly-built 5 star and deluxe indeed! Our cabin! Twin beds with balcony, and excellent facilities! The space was not very big, but it was beyond our expectation totally! We had a very good sleep that night :)
It is the map of the Yangtze River tour. Let’s get a general idea of what we were going to explore!
Day 3 Yangtze River Cruise (First day)
Actually the Cruise sailed out last night. I had no feeling; maybe I always slept like a big?! Anyway, the truth was that I was entirely refreshed and began to expect for today’s tour! About 8 in the morning, the cruise stopped by and we would see the famous ghost city, Feng Du. Sounds terrifying > <! I hate ghost!
The hell is imitated as worldly lawsuits, court, jail, and tortures as well. It's very unique in plot, vivid in expression; it shows how Chinese understand the relationship between human being and god, ghosts, as well as the things between the heaven and the hell. According to the legend, when you across the Naihe Bridge, an old lady will make you forget your previous lifetime after you die by giving you Meng Po Soup, I don’t want to go!
Although the place makes feel unease, it is the real culture in China. I don’t believe in ghost, but it is a very good experience for you to get so close to your heart for what you have avoided many years. P.S. Can you tell which Chinese Character it showed below? The calligraphy by Hai Rui contains a lot of meanings, and very interesting :)
The visiting of Ghost City takes 1 hour then we started to sail again. Our cruise!
See in the far distance, it is the Shibao Camp in Zhongxian , This red ancient 12-story-wooden building without any iron pin was constructed against the sheer rectangular cliff of Jade Seal Hill in Ming Dynasty, it is well-known as "Pearl of the Yangtze River" and one of the "Eight Precious Building in the World". And the gate is 173.55 meters above the sea level. It was pity that we could not visit it as it is still under reconstruction at that time L
After several hours, we arrived Wanzhou county, which is a special place we will inspect. And I was told not all the cruise would stop here for visiting. The purpose for this inspection was to promote the Water Fall there. We got on the coach, and it took around 1.5 hours to get to the scenic spot. I think it very worthy of this tour though it is a little bit tiring on road. But when you see the water fall, all the complaints were definitely gone, what you would think is just the amazing place and you just need to enjoy your peaceful time without disturbing. Listening to the natural sounds and feeling the cool coming from the water fall.
Can you see the rainbow?! It is another paradise!
An wonderful theatre evening had been arranged, and we also had a great time. The Chinese character shows “Dream back to Yangtze River”, and I just could not help to think about everything I had experienced.
Day 4 Yangtze River Tour (Second Day)
In the morning, we didn’t have any tours, but attended the Open Ceremony of the Travel Festival. It was very significant.
After the opening ceremony, I was very lucky to watch a dragon boat racing on the Yangtze River. See, the racer spurted as they approached the line!
At noon, we continued to sail off to another scenic spot. Zhangfei Temple. Zhangfei Temple is located on the south bank of mountain Feifeng in Yunyang County, Chongqing, also the only scenic spots that will be completely flooded. Zhangfei Temple was built at the end of Shu (3 Century), and then it was expanded in Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasty. So far it has a history of more them 1700years. Zhangfei Temple is composed of a series of ancient architectures. It has some poetry, tablets, and more than 100 cultural relics inside, so we call it "The site of the cultures".
Guess who they are!
Taking Oath in the Peach Garden! We love "peaches"!
After that, we continued sailing to Fengjie to prepare tomorrow sightseeing. On the cruise, you can also fly kites, and very interesting.
Day 5 Yangtze River Tour (Third Day)
In the morning, we were going to arrive at the first gorge, Qutang Gorge, which is also well known as Kui Gorge, extending from White Emperor City to Dai Stream in Wushan County for 8 km. It is the shortest and narrowest but also the most magnificent gorge among the three gorges. The entrance-Kui Gate has been famous for its grandness since the ancient times, and represents the typical scene of three gorges.
In the afternoon, we changed to a smaller cruise for Lesser Yangtze River! The Lesser Three Gorges is famous for crystal clear rapids, elegant mountain and pretty rocks, which is composed of Dragon Gates Gorge, Misty Gorge and Vivid Green Gorge, and it is named "the Miracle of China".
The dragon boat was tracing us! Come on!
Seven fairies came to us! Guess where is the missed one in the picture? She was with me! Hahaha!
After the tour, we went back to our cruises. In the afternoon, we also passed the second and third gorges.
Wu Gorge is the second gorge, the most graceful one among the three gorges, 40 km long. It starts at Daning River and ends at Guandukou in Badong County Hubei Province. The 12 peaks are in this section including the famous Goddess Peak. The Xiling Gorge is the third gorge, historically known as "the most dangerous" in the past. After harnessing, the rapids are no longer existent. The beautiful scenery along the river is more impressive.
In the late afternoon, we were about to get through the 5 level Ship Lock! See, the gate is just in front of us!
Day 6 Yangtze River Tour (Fourth Day)
Today was the ending of our Yangtze River cruise tour, and I hated to part with it. The greatest thing was that we had see the Three Gorges Dam! The dam consists of a concrete gravity dam, one powerhouse at the toe of the dam with a total capacity of 19.2 million KW and an annual output of nearly 84. 7 billion KWh, a permanent two-lane ship lock and a ship lift. The dam, which is 2309.3 meters in length, 185 meters in height, will be turned into another magnet to the travelers after its birth.
During the 4 days tours, I also met with some other 5 star deluxe cruises, including the top ones “Victoria Cruises”. Hope one day you could join us to witness the great change on the Yangtze River, and hope my brief introduction can do some help for you to get the useful information!
New Centure (5 star cruise)
Yangtze Star No.1 (5 star cruise)
Cruise Emperor (5 star cruise)
East King (5 star cruise)
Victoria Katrina (Deluxe 5 star cruise)
Victoria Ana (Deluxe 5 star cruise)
Cruise Sunshine (4 star cruise)
Viking Century Sun (Super deluxe 5 star cruise)
President No. 1 (5 star cruise)

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