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Another world in the mountain-Longji Pingan Zhuang Village

Post Time: Aug 26 2009 By Janet Chan

After a busy week, all of our office set off early at the afternoon of last Friday to Longji for a weekend trip. Although Longji is not far away for a Guilin citizen, it also requests the courage to be determined to go there for me because the experience I went to Longji Jinkeng by van last winter is really a bad memory. But at this time, our plan was to take the bus to Ping’an firstly and then hike to Jinkeng from Ping’an. In first 1.5 hour, maybe it is easy to spend on the highway. In the second 1.5 hour, when the car drove around the snail shape road, I felt that I was taking the roller coast in sreaming.
Upon arrival at the mountain gate, the sky began to get dark slowly. In a twinkling, I was not sure where I was. The appearance of the pink at the skyline made me a little drunk.It asked me stop many times to us my camara to catch the last light so that I was left by our team. When I raised my head, I could not see them. At that moment, only the sound of the frogs and insects resound all around constaintly.
Luckily, I am not afraid losting in the mountain. Instead, I enjoyed this kind of peace on my own.
I did not expect to see any scenery I had not seen before. In a sense, I think we travel just for discovery of ourselves, those ones we can mot meet in the busy city. But I was a little disappointed that I missed the scene I could see in May. A local minority girl told me that we could see the reflection of the moon in the terraced field in the evening in May. So I had to go to the bed early to store the energy for the hiking next day.
Waked up in the morning air, naturally. I have no idea what I will see in the end of this hot August. Let my camera tell me…
Hope the breakfast will offer me enough energy for the treking.  
It seems the moutain is still in sleep.
The breeze in the morning is not soft as I thought.
I don't know what change the time has brought to this field for years.
Little kitty, can you tell me?
And you?
We come, break up the peace and take away nothing. Maybe we can leave something, our footprint? No, anything will be changed. The mountain is still there.
How many years will this tree last?

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Janet Chan

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