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A Shopping Paradise in South of China - Guangzhou

Post Time: Dec 05 2013 By Vicky Lu

In my eyes, most of the famous attractions in Guangzhou are really boring. They have nothing special to see. As for the natural landscape south of China, you’d better go to Guilin to enjoy the fantastic mountains and rivers. Guangzhou has no special point as for natural scenery. But Guangzhou is a paradise for shoppers, as well as business men. There is an array of goods in the city. You can find most of the things you want to buy. Guangzhou is also metropolis of gourmet, for it is the birthplace of Cantonese food. Throughout the city, there are all kinds of restaurants with modern and traditional cuisines. In the following content, I will introduce some famous shopping places in Guangzhou for your reference. 

Tianhe Commercial Area
Guangzhou Tianhe Commercial Area is the first comprehensive mall in the city, and now it has become a business card of Guangzhou. The local Guangzhou people, as well as the outsiders usually like shopping. Whether in peacetime or holidays, Tianhe Commercial Area is always the most popular place. Here is set up with JUSCO supermarkets, department stores, Grand City Plaza shopping center and other large department stores. Many popular white-collar favorite clothing items, such as "Dian", "Laiersidan", "Florens", they all have stores here. The most distinctive Japanese sushi and specials cabinet predecessors rage are busy here. At nearby Hongchent Plaza across the street, it also has a large specialty clothing stores, the young and trendy. The price is more suitable. In a word, visitors can buy famous brand clothing and fashionable things here. 

Shangxiajiu Commercial Area
Shangxiajiu Commercial Area is a famous traditional commercial street in Guangzhou. It is an 800 meters long street lined with nearly 250 rows upon row of shops. As for the goods here, in addition to beautiful, stylish and sophisticated features, there is an important reason – it is very cheap, but it is certain that all items are fashionable for the time. Here you can enjoy the show your bargain talent, experience getting a good price for joy. 

Beijing Road Shopping District
Beijing Pedestrian Street is the concentration place of the major famous brands. There is a variety of costume jewelry brands that can be found in Beijing Road. And Beijing Road often has major studio art photo promotion. If you want to take artistic photos of you and your families, you can also take advantage of the weekend to go there and have a look. Beijing Road has large department stores, Grandbuy, new Dah Sing department store, Guangming Square, etc. There are also many bookstores. You can have a rest and do some reading if you are get tired of shopping.

Xiguan Antique
Xiguan Antique is located in the intersection of Guangzhou Fengyuan Raod and Longin Road. It is a cultural market that combines shopping, communication, appreciation in a whole. The antique has a total length of 600 meters. And it is 20 meters wide. It is the ideal place to enjoy the exchange for trading antique collectors.


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