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A Leisure Trip to the Mountainous City - Chongqing

Post Time: Jan 28 2015 By Sophie Huang

Chongqing is a charming place for me. And during last Sept, I was lucky to get a short holiday. And without hesitation, I booked the flight ticket to Chongqing quickly.

Chongqing was cold than Guilin in Dec. It is said that the winter in Guilin was cold to bear. For me, the winter in Chongqing was even colder than Guilin.

Arrived in Chongqing around the 10:am. The temperature outside was 5℃.I took the BTS in Chongqing to my hotel. And on the way, I saw a part of the BTS which was built between the architectures.

Because my hotel was in Jiefangbei area. Jiefangbei was one of the most prosperous area in Chongqing. Located in Yuzhong District, there were so many departments here for people to do shopping conveniently.

Today’s lunch was the hot pot. After checking about the information on the internet, we decided to have our first hot pot in a recommended restaurant - Qiqi Eel Restaurant (齐齐鳝鱼火锅). This restaurant was clean enough for people who was first time to enjoy the local hot pot. The cost was also reasonable, and two of us cost CNY 150 in total this meal.

Another highlight of today was the night view of Chongqing. The charming night view of Chongqing was famous and could not be missed when visiting this city. We took the river-cross cable rope in the evening time. Lucky enough, I’ve got a comparative good picture of Chongqing’s night view.

Another place we could not miss was the typical Bayu culture architecture - Hongyadong. The night view of Hongyadong was more beautiful than it at the daytime. Hongyadong was suitable for taking photos. But I was not recommend tourists to spend to much time there. It was just a shopping place and the restaurants there were in a comparative higher consumption level with a normal taste.

On the second day, we firstly plan to visit Ciqikou Ancient Town. With the convenient public transportation, it was easy to get to Ciqikou from Jiefangbei area. Because of the bad weather, we had no fun in this famous town. And also, another reason was that we were no interested in this kind of attraction because it looked like many other ancient towns to much, just shopping and eating, no more.

A visit to Chaotianmen Pier was also a memorable experience. For me, it was the first time to see a large cruise ship. The luxury decoration and the large scale shocked me. I just a little confused whether this kind of machine can cruise on the river or not. It was joking. Because Yangtze River Cruise is one the safety and comfortable traveling way in the world.

My Chongqing trip was short and leisure. No many attractions, no time to be urgent. Just visit 2-3 places in one day, and had enough time to visit each attraction. That is my travel way now. 

May be because of the low temperature and the bad weather in Chongqing during my trip, I don’t prefer to have a 2nd-time visit to this city. But for people who love the hotpot too much, you can list Chongqing in your favorite list and plan more times visiting there.

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