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A dreamy walk in London

Post Time: Dec 11 2009 By Janet Chan

Everyone around me must know what I will write about this time. It is about a city-London. However, what I will tell about is not related with it at the beginning. Actually, I don’t know when I can have the inspiration to give a description about this trip to it. Just now, all unhappiness pressed me so that I could not breath. Suddenly, I recollected the segments of the period when I was strolling in St. James’ Park in London. It was truly the best moments for me in this year. It made me forgot all in previous life in China. That is what I had never previewed before I got to London. So I really appreciate all factors which offered this chance to me, though I am still in deep hopeless emotion. Every time I can not pull myself out of this feeling, I really want to go as far as possible until I felt peaceful in my heart. Ok, let’s start to share the experience with you.
The first stop is Trafalgar Square without one pigeon. Changeable rain lightens all grey objects.
It’s a deep and brilliant autumn here, so different from where I come from.
This path leads me go into St. James Park. The air is fresh, I can’t help myself to breathe as much as possible. 
I ran to the lakeside for chasing a little squirrel. Then I found they were so professional to plume without any fear of the people around. Actually, I was attracted by their huge body at the first glance.
I am touched at this moment but I don’t know why…
They are so grace and standing there with some kind of sentiment.
Finally I could catch the moment she was nibbling at something at quiet.
Hey! What are you staring at?
Let me think about…
I need to climb up higher to see what is the purple dot over there.
It seems sweet…
I dream I can take a walk every morning in my life in this kind of quiet park with non-demonstrative beauty. It makes me so comfortable and peaceful in my heart. I forgot who I was and where I came from. However, this dream ended so fast in front of this grass…

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Janet Chan

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