Chinese Kung Fu Tours

Chinese Kung Fu Tours

Perhaps more than any other practitioner, Bruce Lee opened the eyes of the Western world to the fascinating practices of Chinese martial arts; now the worldwide followers of the various related disciplines number in the millions. In response to this interest, TopChinaTravel have created a tour package - Chinese Kung Fu Tours, which combined a superb introduction to the places, the people and the cultural wonders of China, with special visits to the birthplaces of the principal forms of the Chinese Martial Arts, is waiting for Kung Fu fans to appreciate its inherent cultural connotation. The Chinese Kung Fu center Shaolin Temple will be a memorable site for you.

11 Days Travel to China Ancient CitiesHot1

11 Days Travel to China Ancient Cities

Beijing, Dengfeng, Luoyang, Xian, Shanghai

From $1291

13 Days Chinese Kung Fu ExplorationHot2

13 Days Chinese Kung Fu Exploration

Beijing, Dengfeng Shaoling Temple, Luoyang, Xian, Mt. Wudang, Wuhan, Shanghai

From on request

4 Days Luoyang and Shaolin Temple Tour3

4 Days Luoyang and Shaolin Temple Tour

Luoyang, Dengfeng Shaolin Temple

From $241

5 Days Wudang Mountain Tour4

5 Days Wudang Mountain Tour

Wuhan, Mount Wudang

From on request