China Senior Tours

China Senior Tours
China Senior Tours by Top China Travel specializes for senior travelers. China is a perfect tour destination for seniors with so many things to see and to do. You could enjoy a China tour including ancient relics, modern wonders, natural views, daily life with locals, tasting delicious Chinese food, ect. We customize the China Senior Tours to meet your needs with leisure arrangement at your pace, centrally-located and comfortable hotel accommodation, patient and considerate guide service.

Beijing, Shanghai

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Beijing, Xian, Shanghai

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Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai

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Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise, Yichang, Shanghai

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Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong

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Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Shanghai

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Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise, Yichang, Shanghai

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Beijing, Xian, Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise, Yichang, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong

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Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong

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FAQs about China Tour for Seniors

What are the best destinations in China for senior travelers?

For senior travelers, we suggest that they visit some senior-friendly destinations as senior tourists need to consider the comfort level and accessibility. It needs to consider the climate, landform, transportation, etc. For example, for those with mobility issue, we suggest they avoid mountainous area. Besides, we do not suggest seniors visit destinations in high altitudes such as Qinghai and Tibet. We also suggest seniors avoid places that need plenty of physical strength to visit.

Here are some popular destinations in China we recommended to senior travelers:

Historical & cultural cities: Beijing, Xi’an, Luoyang

Cities with good landscape: Guilin, Hangzhou, Suzhou

Economically developed cities: Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong

Seashore cities: Sanya, Xiamen

When is the best time for senior people to travel to China?

A: Generally speaking, it is suitable to visit China from March to November, except the winter season (December to next February). But for senior travelers, the best time to visit to China should be spring (2nd half of March to May) and autumn (September to 1st half of November) as the weather is more comfortable, compared to the two extreme season of summer and winter.

I have mobility issue. Can I travel in a wheelchair?

Yes, it has no problem to travel in a wheelchair at most attractions in China. Top highlights in China are wheelchair-accessible with ramps. And many restrooms in top attractions are also wheelchair friendly. Some scenery like mountains, ancient towns with old bumpy roads and bridges make difficulties for travelers with mobility issues. Therefore, we often suggest avoiding these scenic spots.

Are western toilets available during the trip in China?

Yes. The western toilet is making inroads in big cities, airports and hotels, although squat toliets still reign supreme in China. Besides, more and more tourist attractions are equipped with western style toilets. Restrooms are signposted clearly, and your local guide will always indicate the location and availability during your trip. Small attractions and restaurants do not provide western toilets. But you can also find western toilets in some upscale restaurants and large shopping malls.

Can I get a senior discount traveling in China?

Many attractions in China offer discounts on entrance fees but only to Chinese domestic senior travelers. As an experienced tour operator and a local senior travel expert, we offer very competitive tour prices to seniors. Please let us know if you are over 60 years old when submitting an enquiry because we occasionally offer senior discounts.

Do I need bring my medications with me or can I buy them in China?

We suggest you bring your own medications when you travel to China as it is not sure to buy suitable medicines while traveling in China. Travelers with medical records are fine to bring their own medications. Besides, it is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance so that you will be protected in case of any unforeseen incidents occurring during your vacation.

How long is suitable for a senior people to travel in China?

The tours worked out for senior people should not be exhausting and too long. The travel pace should be easy and relaxing. We suggest senior people travel in China for 1-2 weeks (7-12 days), covering most top destinations in China at an easy pace.

Are there any strenuous physical or dangerous activities in your itineraries?

All of our tour itineraries for senior people are customized according to tourists’ personal requests. The safety of each customer is always our top priority. When tailor-making a tour for you, our travel consultant will consider your age and your physical condition, to make sure all the activities and the places you will visit are safe and suitable. We take pride in the fact that not a single accident has occurred over the past decades. If you have mobility issues, we can provide wheelchairs upon request when you submit your tour request.

Are the meals included in your tour senior-friendly?

Yes, the meals included in our tours are senior-friendly. For senior people, food with Low sugar, low salt and low fat is more suitable. During our tours, breakfasts are usually arranged at comfortable hotels as buffet style. Then senior people can choose what they can eat. For lunches or dinners, our meal plans are highly flexible and can be tailored to meet senior people’s needs. Just let us know if you have any food preferences (e.g. taste, vegetarian, halal, etc.) and food allergies, and then the meals during your tour will be arranged according to your personal requirements.

What kind of hotels do you use in your tours for senior people to make sure a good rest?

Generally speaking, 4-star hotels are recommended to our customers, which are clean and comfortable with great locations either in the city center or the cities' CBD area for your convenience. They are all hand-picked hotels for both value and comfort, to make sure senior tourists have a good rest during their China tour.

Do I need vaccinations to travel to China? If yes, what kinds of vaccinations do I need?

In order to make sure our customers travel safely and healthily, we accommodate them with clean and safe hotels and restaurants. We also recommend some top travel destinations without any epidemic disease. Even though, we still suggest you have vaccinations 4 to 6 weeks before your trip as the following, especially if you choose to go and visit any remote and /or rural areas. Before you take any vaccination, we strongly recommend you to consult with your doctor for professional advice at least 6 weeks prior to your vacation.

Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG)

Hepatitis B

Rabies, if you are likely to be exposed to wild or domestic animals.

Typhoid if you travel to small cities or rural areas in China.

How long does the tour last per day in your itineraries?

To make sure an easy-pace tour for senior people, we generally arrange the tours last for 8-9 hours per day. In this case, senior tourists could have enough time for a rest per day.

Can I Request a wheelchair from the airport if I have mobility issue?

Yes, it is possible to request a wheelchair from airport if you have mobility issue. Please inform us your special request when you submit the tour request, then we will apply for a special airport service when we book the domestic air tickets for you. Wheelchair can be requested with airlines about 48 hours prior to the departure date, which may be different by airlines. Besides, we recommend you travel with at least one family member if you have mobility issue.

Is it easy for senior people to take a train trip in China?

It is not very tough for senior people to take train trip in China. The largest challenges for senior people to take train in China are luggage and crowds. Some major train stations have VIP waiting rooms, in which tourists have chance to get on train earlier than those passengers in ordinary waiting rooms. It is helpful to avoid crowds when they are getting on the train. Porter service is available in basically all major train stations and your guide will help you to arrange the service if you need.

For senior tourists, we do not suggest too many train trips in China. One train trip during the tour to experience high speed train is enough. We generally suggest senior tourists take flight trip instead of train trip.

Is it safe to travel in China for senior people?

Yes, China is one of the safest countries to travel to. Of course, it is very safe for seniors to travel in China. Besides, Chinese people also very warm hearted to foreigner travelers.