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Where to Buy Electronic Products in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a fast developing city in the south of China. It homes many industrial factories, especially electronic industrial factories. Therefore, you can find a variety of electronic products in cheap price in this city. And there are some places or malls especially sells electronic goods. The most famous one must be Huaqiang Bei (North Huaqiang, which is the largest market for electronic products. It is a must go place to purchase electronic products in Shenzhen.

There are a lot of shopping plazas or malls in Huaqiang Bei Commercial Area. If you would like to buy computers, laptops, or cameras, you should come to Seg Electronic World or Huaqiang Electronic World; if you want to buy phones, Ming Tong Mall is a best choice; if you want to buy MP3, GPRS or other procucts, Zhong Dian Mall is a better choice. The price is usually cheap with a various products. If you have friends who are the local and is skilled in bargain, you can save a lot of money.

Most Famous Electronic Markets in Huaqiang Bei

In Huaqiang Bei Commercial Circle homes many large electronic markets, such as Seg Electronic Plaza, Huaqiang Electronic World, Sai Bo Store, Du Hui Store.

• Seg Electronic Plaza
Seg Electronic Plaza was formed in 1888 and now it has been the most well-known mall in Huaqiang Bei Commercial area. And the building of it is the landmark of Huaqiang Bei. 1F to 9F is used for electronic business, mainly selling phones and computers. The goods in this mall are regarded as better compared with other malls, as the quality of the products can be guaranteed.
Where to Buy Electronic Products in Shenzhen

• Huaqiang Electronic World
Huaqiang Electronic World is the second largest electronic trading center in Shenzhen, mainly engaged in sales of spare parts and second-hand electronic products, especially famous for the second-hand computer market. 1F is used for electronic components sales market; The second floor for computer assembly and accessories sales; 3F for computer repair and second-hand accessories market,4F for second-hand desktop sales and notebook trading center!

Where to Buy Electronic Products in Shenzhen

• Yuanwang Digital Mall
Yuanwang Digital Mall is one of the largest wholesale markets for smuggled or refurbished mobile phones. It is mainly engaged in all kinds of domestic and foreign well-known brands of digital application technology of the four categories of products. One is consumer electronics digital audio-visual products, including digital cameras, video cameras, electronic notebook, digital voice recorder, digital color TV, stereo, DVD, home theater, MD, MP3 players, repeater, etc; second, it includes all kinds of mobile phone and spare parts, walkie-talkies, program-controlled switches, cordless phones, such as visual telephone, fax machine, copier; third, there are computer and application products, including personal computers, laptops, PDA, network application products as well as printers, scanners, computer monitors, memory, multimedia and other computer peripheral equipment and software products; four, there is a variety of electronic anti-theft security monitoring equipment products.

How to Get There: 

• Subway: Take Metro Line 2 (蛇口线) and get off at Huaqiangbei station; take Metro Line 7 (西丽线) and get off from Huaqiangbei station.

• Bus: There are many buses passing by Huaqiang Bei, you can look at the bus line by the nearest bus station, or ask a local people to guide you.

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