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North Huaqiang Commercial Circle

Address: North Huaqiang Road, Futian District
What to buy: Tax-free jewelry, Electronic products, clothing

North Huaqiang Area is the most prosperous shopping area in Shenzhen. It is home to dozens of market places for electronic products, home appliances, timepieces, clothing and jewelry. Some market places each house hundreds of shops, from flagship stores selling big brands to small boutiques where you can bargain. It is also a great place to dine, with plenty of restaurants offering various Chinese cuisines and foreign brands like Pizza Hut, Hagen Daas and AijiSen.
North Huaqiang Commercial Circle

Formerly Shenzhen North Huaqiang Commercial Circle was a industrial zone with more than 40 factories bases, to produce electronics, telecommunications, electrical products. With economic development and higher costs, the factories moved out of this area ad shopping malls starts to be settled here, which make regional function of North Huaqiang change. Therefore, Huaqiang North Commercial Street began to transform in 1998. After transformation, Shenzhen North Huaqiang area has become one of the most traditional and most popular commercial circle in town.

As the most bustling commercial street in Shenzhen, but it is also a major hub for the flow of domestic electronic products, especially nationally known mobile phones wholesale and retail business.

Famous Malls in North Huaqiang

• SEG Electronic Market (赛格广场)
SEG Electronic Market is the first integrated professional electronic matching market in China and the largest in Asia. It is located in the golden area in the city, the intersection of Shenzhen Shennan Zhong Road and North Huaqiang Road. 
SEG Electronic Market
• Huaqiang Electronic World (华强电子世界)
This market was opened in 1998. It covers an area of more than 43000 square meters. There are a total o f 2800 small stores in the market, selling large electronic goods, computers, and other electronic items. 

• Du Hui Electronic City (都会电子城)
Du Hui Electronic City was officially open in March, 2003. The business area of it covers an area of 18,000 square meters. The business here includes electronic components and related tools, instruments, electronic accessories and other items.

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