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Tibetan Knives

People call Tibetan Knife “Zang Dao” in Chinese, but its official name is “She Dao”. It is said “She Dao” is named after Tibetan hero Shele Gampo (She Le Gan Bu), who died for protect nomads.



The knives can be divided into two kinds: long knives and broadswords. The long knives are about 1m long, while the broadswords are about 10 to 40 mm long. The scabbards of the knives are made of different materials such as wood, bronze, iron or covered with silver. The scabbard usually caved with dragon, phoenix, tiger, lion, flowers or other patterns, some may dotted with jewelries and agate.
Tibetan Knives

Tibetan Knives

Tibetan knives can be used in working, life, self-defending and decoration. They have a history of more than 1600 years. Exquisite knives are made by skillful craftsman with delicate forging, bright color, and Tibetan language caved on the surface, and are a kind of unique Tibetan craft. 



Famous Tibetan Knives

• White Jade Tibetan Knives
Produced in Baiyu county of Sichuan province Hepo village, Hepo village has been hailed as "King Gesar’s Arsenal". White jade since the Tang dynasty was used to forge a spear, sword and other ironware. During rising time of King Gesar, here and become a production center, not only made traditional halberd of spear and arrow, and started to make buddha. Tibetan craftsmen here paid attention to the cutting edge, and practicability. From the sheath to handle almost all use metal, in the majority with silver and iron, some also can carve some auspicious patterns on it.
Tibetan Knives
Tibetan Knives
• Yushu Tibetan Knives
It is originated from Yushu in Qinghai province. The characteristic of the Yushu Tibetan Knives lies in its ornate appearance. Yushu male knife has straight appearance style, the handle tail is cloud shape, scabbard head more for round or oval shape, which looks like a small shield. Yushu female Tibetan Knives are special, the blade from the side is slightly curved, the front side beset with isometric symmetric gem, which is full of craft adornment flavor.
• Lhatse Tibetan Knives, Xietongmen Tibetan Knives
Produced in Shigatse district in Tibet, it is the representative of Tibetan Knives of the front and back of Tibetan region. Its manual work is delicate, sharp and strong.

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