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Famous Shopping Places in Lhasa

The most famous Lhasa local specialty is the travel souvenirs, artwork and Tibetan medicine. Lhasa shopping places have centered on Barkhor Street, although there are some poorly made goods, but generally without special identification, with a look can tell. As long as you are willing to shop here, you still can find your satisfaction of good things. There are all kinds of Tibetan ornaments, Nepal type of jewelry, accessories, small handicraft, multiplier, carpets, tapestries, thangka, and things here can clinch a deal with generally one-third of the price if you bargain.

Lhasa's art galleries spread in all major travel attractions, especially to the Potala palace front door and opposite the Lhasa Holiday Inn for most. Not only exhibits oil painting, cloth painting, plate painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, ink painting, and also thangka, Buddha, art supplies, artistic tapestry, Tibet travel brochures, postcards, and strange stone, wood, all kinds of handicrafts, but with a little higher prices.

Chongsaikang Tashi Market

Address: Chongsikang Lane, Chengguan district, Lhasa
What to buy: Local products, foods, garments, daily used articles, etc.
As the oldest market in Lhasa, Chongsaikang Market is a place to experience the real life of local people when you are traveling in Tibet. Chongsaikang Tashi Market is the market that local people will go. The goods in Chongsaikang is cheaper than in Barkhor Street.
Chongsaikang Market is a place for selling and wholesale, where consists of three layers that sells agricultural products, local products, daily used articles, garments, snacks, shoes, fruits, etc. You can buy dried fruits from Uyghur salesmen, get a haircut in a Han barber shop, or eat a bowl of bean jelly in Hui shops. You can find everything here.
• Transportation Tips:
Taking Bus No.7, 8, 20, 21, 22, 23 and get off at the Chongsaikang bus stop (冲赛康站).

Barkhor Street

Address: in central of Lhasa’s old city area, Tibet
What to buy: Tibetan ornaments, Tibetan carpets, Tibetan knives and other Tibetan handcrafs, Tibetan Barley wine, Tibetan Buttered Tea and so on
Barkhor Street, a circular street at the center of Lhasa, is the oldest street in Tibet. As the most famous circumambulation and commercial center in Lhasa, Barkhor street keeps its traditional features and living pattern.
Barkhor Street 
Barkhor Street
Barkhor Street used to be a single street around Jokhang Temple, and is called the “Holy Way” by Tibetans. Now its area expends to the old streets area around the temple. Consisting of the South Street, West Street, North Street and the East Street, Barkhor Street is a Polygon street circle with a perimeter of about 1000m and 35 alleys.
The street was paved with manual polishing stones, and the architecture on the streets are keeps the old Tibetan style. In the center of the street, there is a giant censer. On both sides of the street, there are more than 120 handcrafts shops and over 200 stalls with over 8000 kinds of goods including copper Buddha, prayer wheel, butter lamp, carpets, Tibetan barley wine, air dry meat, thangkas and so on. You can find all Tibetan specialties here.
• Transportation Tips:
1. Take the local bus No.89, get off at Jiangsu Station and walk about 800 m to the Barkhor Street.
2. Take the local bus No. 108, get off at Women and Children’s Hospital and walk about 400m to the Barkhor Street.

Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market

Address: No.30 Barkhor West Street, Chengguan District, Lhasa
What to buy: Thangkas, Tibetan Painting, Tibetan Carpets, ornaments, Tibetan Barley Wine, Tibetan Sweet Tea, Air-dried
Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market
Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market
Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market is located in Barkhor Street. It is a large handcrafts and souvenirs markets. The range of goods selling in the market is much richer than Barkhor Street, including various thangkas, paintings, Tibetan carpets, tapestries, antique and other souvenirs with profound Tibetan ethnic characteristics, ornaments, pendants and fancy goods from Nepal and Indian, and other goods like Tibetan Barley Wine, Tibetan Sweet Tea, air-dried Meat.
The price of goods in Lhasa Ethnic Tourism Handicraft Market is a little lower than Barkhor Street, and with guarantee, so it is very popular for tourists.
• Opening hours:09:00-22:00
• Transportation Tips:
Take No 7、8、20、21、22 or 23 local bus and get off at Cemenglin Station (策门林站)

Yazi Kampot Tibetan Special Products Market

Address: No.14 Yutuo Road, Chengguan District, LhasaWhat to buy: Tibetan foods, medicines, special local products, thangkas, handcrafts, etc.
Yazi Kampot Tibetan Special Products Market is located at Yutuo Road. It is the first museum type characteristics shopping stores in China.
With magnificent and exquisite decoration, orderly layout, tourists will feel very comfortable to shopping in the market. There are mainly selling Tibetan foods, medicines, special local products, thangkas, handcrafts and other traditional local products in Tibet.
There is a Chinese Caterpillar Fungus Culture Museum, which offer a platform for guest to deepen their knowledge of Chinese caterpillar fungus culture.
• Opening hours: 10:00-22:00
• Transportation Tips: Take No.24 local bus and get off at Lugu Station (鲁固站)

Le Bai Long Square

Address: Diagonally opposite to the east door of Tianhai Night Market, Tianhai Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa
What to buy: The main food, wine and tobacco, local products and supplies, brand clothing, leather bags and home appliance, all
Le Bai Long Square is located at the western suburbs of Lhasa. It is the only shopping center which combines shopping, leisure and entertainment as one in Tibet.

The square can has four layers. The first floor sells the main foods, wine and tobacco, local products and articles for daily use in supermarket, and also other sections for gold jewelries, cosmetics, watches and other luxury articles. The second floor mainly sells brand clothing, leather bags and home appliance. In addition, there are also Meimeile KTV, Le Bai Long Film City and other entertainment facilities. People could go shopping, dating and have fun in this square.
Le Bai Long Square often has sales promotion activities. For details, please pay attention to its official website.
• Opening Time: 09:00-22:30
• Transportation Tips:
Take No. 17 local bus and get off at Western Suburbs Telecommunications Station (西郊电信站)

Shopping in Lhasa

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