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Most Famous Clothing Shopping Malls in Beijing

Interested in going shopping in Beijing, especially clothing? But do you know where to find middle and high-class clothing stores in this city? And Where to buy cheap clothing in Beijing? Here TCT would like to introduce some useful info about clothing shopping in Beijing. Normally, if you would like to buy middle and high-class clothing, you should go to shopping centers like Xiushui Street, Wangfujing Commercial Street or Xidan Commercial District. While if you prefer cheap clothing with a variety of styles, there are two destinations for you to choose from: Dongwuyuan and Dahongmen clothing wholesale markets.

Best Place to Buy Middle and High-Class Clothing

If you care more about the quality and style of the clothing with high budget, it is suggested to go shopping in Xiushui Street, Wangfujing Commercial Street or Xidan Commercial District, Women Street. 

► Xiushui Street
: near to Jianguomen Wai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Xiushui Street is sited in the extension line of Chang'an Street, near to International CBD Commercial Area, so it enjoys convenient location and transport. It is closed to the foreign embassies area too. Many foreigners come here to shop. Some of the sellers can even speaking English. Main items here includes brand clothing, shoes, bags, leather goods, leisure clothing, fashion clothing, cowboy series, sportswear, knitting clothing, children's clothes, tie silk scarves, silk, wax printing, craft table cloth, handicrafts, jewelry, antiques, calligraphy and painting, fashion accessories, clocks and watches, glasses, etc. 

► Wangfujing Commercial Street
Wangfujing Commercial Street extends to Chang’an Street to the south and National Art Museum of China in the north, with a length of about 1600 meters. It is one of the most famous commercial streets in Beijing city. Department stores along this street like Oriental Xintiandi, Gongmei Plaza, Wangfujing Department Store, Chenxi Department Store are good choices. 
Wangfujing Commercial Street
Wangfujing Commercial Street

► Xidan Commercial District
Xidan Commercial District aims to attract young people to shop here. It is regarded as “Young people's shopping paradise". The clothing stores here are fashionable. Many upscale clothing store can be found here. 

► Women Street
Address: north of East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Women Street is the first female-themed clothing retail stores in Beijing. The scope of business here includes clothing, bags, jewelry, leather goods, shoes and hats, cosmetics, cell phone appliances, beauty manicure, local snacks, etc.

Best Place to Buy Cheap Clothing in Beijing

Dongwuyuan and Dahongmen are the two most famous clothing wholesale markets in Beijing. The clothing in these places is usually quite cheap with a variety of styles. But you should to how to bargain first. 

► Dongwuyuan Clothing Wholesale Markets
Dongwuyuan Clothing Wholesale Markets mainly consist of Dongding, Tianle, Hezong, Tianhaocheng, Century Tianle and other wholesales markets. Here you can find cheap buy beautiful clothing, shoes, hats and other items. 

► Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Markets
Here is the largest clothing wholesale market in this city. It consists of Jingwen Wholesale Markets, Tianya Clothing Building, GuanYuan commodity wholesale market, Jinwuxing department store, etc.

The above destinations are just listed for your reference. Beijing is a metropolis. And Clothing shopping malls in Beijing can found elsewhere. The above ones are just famous ones with a variety of clothing for you to choose from.

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