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Commercial Street in People Square

Location: The center of the city
What to buy: folk handicrafts, landscape paintings, clothing, local snacks

Commercial Street in People's Square is a large shopping destination in Zhangjiajie city. People's Square covers a total area of 51,345 square meters, of which the construction area is 41,057 square meters, greening rate 55%. The whole square is semicircularly open, like a peacock. In the northeast corner of the square, there lies the famous tourist attraction --- Puguang Temple with designed accompanying Aries plaza and a large parking lot. There are themed sculptures in the square, casual green road, floodlit court, old door court, Children's amusement park and other public health programs and facilities. It integrates tourist attractions, public parks, public health, business center and other major design philosophy as a whole.

The commercial street in the People's Square, containing tourism, shopping, leisure and other fun, is south back to Long Road and north to Jiefang, having a total length 200 m. it is boat-shaped, with a rich ethnic customs. The interesting corridors, five escalators, overhead bridges and spacious shopping environment constitute a charm-filled pedestrian shopping system. Visitors may want to catch a cup of coffee after a whole-day tour or have a drink in a bar of the street.

At this commercial Street, you can purchase folk handicrafts, landscape paintings, clothing, local snacks and other interesting local things. 

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