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Brocade of Tujia Nationality

Brocade of Tujia Nationality comes from Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. This kind of brocade has a long history. It is one of China's ethnic tapestries. Tujia brocade is known as "Dahua" in the folk. The main raw material is silk, cotton and stuffed cord. Tujia brocade is the essence of Tujia culture. Since a long time ago, Tujia brocade is performed as Royal tribute or local specialty to given to the royal or imperial court.

As to the patterns, the designs are mostly diamond structure and oblique lines. The patterns are geometric symmetry and repeated continuously. There are a total of hundreds of traditional patterns on patterns and a varieties of products are make of Tujia brocade, such as sachets, clothing, travel bags, sofa sets, cushions, upholstery, quilt cover, backpack, etc.
Brocade of Tujia Nationality
Brocade of Tujia Nationality
Significance of Brocade to Tujia Nationality

As a kind of woven created by Tujia people, Tujia brocade has many things to do with people's lives there. Every major holiday, worship, marriage and other celebrations, Tujia brocade will important role in these activities, and even become an indispensable keepsake or fetish of the activities.

When a child is born, grandmother will send Tujia brocade to the kid. Infants should cover brocade. Girls in childhood must learn to weave the tapestry. Parents and relatives give the bride or bridegroom brocade to transfer their good wishes. And even the number of the brocades signifies how much noble bride is. What is more, when both men and women are broke up, the woman will want dowry tapestry back. Thus, Tujia brocade does have an important position in Tujia people’s life.

Tujia Sheba Day is an important festival for Tujia nationality. And the Waving Dance is an important part of the festival. In this festival, exquisite tapestry are hung on the shrine for worship. And men and women wear Tujia Brocades dancing together,

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