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Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Suzhou

For those who are in a healthy diet and can only accept vegetarian food, vegetarian restaurants are a better choice for dining. While traveling in Suzhou, finding vegetarian restaurants is not a problem. TCT would like to introduce some popular vegetarian restaurants in Suzhou for your reference.


Hanshan Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

Add: 3 Fengqiao Road, Gusu District, Suzhou
Signature dishes: Vegetarian cuisine

The area around the temple has undergone numerous changes, but Hanshan Temple Vegetarian Restaurant has been around almost as long as the temple and for good reason.

We are not sure what real vegetarians think of the many tofu dishes imitating meat, but the food here has us considering a lifestyle change. All of it is certified organic, but the prices are still very reasonable.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Suzhou


Wu Guan Tang Vegetarian Restaurant

Add: No. 15 Li Gong Ti, Industrial Area, Suzhou
Opening hour: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

Wu Guan Tang Vegetarian Restaurant is a popular place for vegetarian dinners. The decoration of it is simple but elegant. The menu is quite beautiful. The philosophy in this restaurant is: no imitation meat, no carbonated drinks, no MSG and no fried food.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Suzhou

Heshan Vegetarian Restaurant

Add: 36 Shui Fang Rd., Wuzhou District, Suzhou

The environment in Heshan Vegetarian Restaurant is clean and bright. The dish served here is more like self-help, you can eat how many you like. Although the dishes are full-vegetarian, but it is great in color flavor and taste. The raw material in this restaurant has strict selection standards. A variety of raw materials here are imported. In-store environment are elegant, and there is outdoor tables available.

Su Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant

Add: 529 Jing De Rd., Pingjiang District, Suzhou

Su Zhi Vegetarian Restaurant is centrally located in Suzhou city. Here offers mainly health vegetarian dishes. From raw material to the seasoning in kitchen is strictly controlled, the dishes here pay more attention to health on the basis of pure color, smell and taste. A healthy diet at the same time protects the earth. It employs a distinguished professional vegetarian chef.

Lotus  in Water Vegetarian Restaurant

Add: Xindu Square, No. 8 Xindadao Road, Industrial Area, Suzhou

Lotus in Water Vegetarian Restaurant, known as Shui Zhong Lian Vegetarian Restaurant in Chinese, is nice place to enjoy vegetarian gourmet. The boss is from Taiwan, and there are many Taiwan snacks placed in the restaurant for you to taste. The imitation dishes looks like made by meat, but it is actually made by all vegetable.


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