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Top 5 Famous Food Streets in Hangzhou

Although most the food streets are very crowded and noisy, but they are the best places to taste local cuisines and get a chance to know how people live their local life. It would be worth to pay a short trip to the local food streets in Hangzhou. here TCT would like to introduce some top 5 famous food streets in Hangzhou, hope it is helpful for your Hangzhou trip plan.

Qing He Fang Street

Qing He Fang Street is a historic block in Hangzhou with well preserved ancient buildings at the both sides of the street. This street is a miniature of the long history of Hangzhou. Most of existing ancient buildings were built at late of Ming Dynasty and the early of Qing Dynasty. Famous stress like Hu Qing Yu Chinese Pharmacy with one hundred year history, Wang Long Ham Store, Yang Tang Hotel were built at that time. With the white walls and wood structure, this antique Ming and Qing buildings makes you fell like walking at a historic scroll painting. Here is home to tasty local snacks, old shops, folk artists live performances, folk arts and crafts stores etc..

This street is near to Wushan Square. Fish balls, Ningbo rice dumpling, Wushan roast chicken, and many other pastries are must try cuisine here.


Sheng Li He Food Street

Sheng Li He Food Street is also called Gu Shui Street by local people. It is located in Gong Shu District, with a length of about 460 meters and a width of 13 meters.

There are more than 20 well-known restaurants in the street, such as Xu’s Beef Offal, sichuan-style restaurant, Xinlong Chicken Feet, Yi Lian Coffee, Tai’s restaurant, Jian Guo Hot Pot Restaurant, etc. Cuisines here include Nanxing small steamed buns, beef noodles, Stinky tofu, etc. there are a lot of artware sold along the street. You can buy some as souvenir to remember of your trip, or as gifts for your families and friends.

Bai Jing Fang Lane

Bai Jing Fang Lane is near to Yin Tai Mall in Wulin Square. When you get exhausted and tired after long-time shopping in Yin Tai Mall, going to Bai Jing Fang Lane to look for delicious cuisines and get rest.

He Dong Road Food Street 

He Dong Road Food Street is famous for offering late-night food. It is quite busy at nights, especially in summer. Barbecued fish and shrimps are the most delicious gourmet at the street. Small lobster, salted beef, seafood, Sichuan-style snack, Hunan food is also famous. Many young adults come here to spend time with friends. The buildings and decoration of the street is retro. But the environment is very noisy. People talks loudly while eating. But this is how Chinese people live, so, just be used to it!

The above are top 5 famous food streets in Hangzhou, there are all centrally located in Hangzhou city. You can walk there to look for cuisine at night before you have a good night's sleep.
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